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lp:ubuntu/karmic/unzip 1 Development 2009-06-28 08:37:44 UTC
18. * New upstream release. Closes: #4969...

Author: Santiago Vila
Revision Date: 2009-05-08 20:02:40 UTC

* New upstream release. Closes: #496989.
* Enabled new Unicode support. Closes: #197427. This may or may not work
  for your already created zipfiles, but it's not a bug unless they were
  created using the Unicode feature present in zip 3.0.
* Built using DATE_FORMAT=DF_YMD so that unzip -l show dates in ISO format,
  as that's the only available one which makes sense. Closes: #312886.
* Enabled new bzip2 support. Closes: #426798.
* Exit code for zipgrep should now be the right one. Closes: #441997.
* The reason why a file may not be created is now shown. Closes: #478791.
* Summary of changes in this version not being the debian/* files:
- Manpages in section 1, not 1L.
- Branding patch. UnZip by Debian. Original by Info-ZIP.
- Always #include <unistd.h>. Debian GNU/kFreeBSD needs it.

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