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lp:ubuntu/karmic/texmacs 1 Development 2009-08-05 00:26:28 UTC
13. [Kamaraju Kusumanchi <kamaraju@gmail....

Author: Atsuhito KOHDA
Revision Date: 2009-04-26 19:35:14 UTC

[Kamaraju Kusumanchi <>]
* New upstream release
* texmacs crashes if /usr/share/texmacs/TeXmacs/misc/pixmaps/
  is not present. Do not remove it. (Closes: #484073, #497021)
* update patches 03_mupad.dpatch, 04_axiom.dpatch, 11-desktop-file.dpatch
* fix the mime problem in gnome. Thanks to Andrea Gamba for the fix.
* Refined a fix for the mime problem in gnome a bit.
* Try to fix /bin/sh problem (debian/fixsh) but it is not complete fix yet.
* Try to fix hard coded settings for ipa fonts(patches/09_ipa.dpatch),
  especially for Debian where no ipa fonts exist yet.
* Fixed obsolete Build-Depends: changed libltdl3-dev to
  libltdl-dev | libltdl7-dev (the latter for Ubuntu?)

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