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lp:~al-maisan/ubuntu/karmic/pristine-tar/gendelta-fix bug(Has a merge proposal) 1 Development 2009-10-14 08:14:44 UTC 2009-10-14
65. Minor enhancement.

Author: Muharem Hrnjadovic
Revision Date: 2009-10-14 08:14:44 UTC

Minor enhancement.

lp:ubuntu/karmic/pristine-tar 1 Development 2009-07-25 17:56:22 UTC 2009-07-25
6. * pristine-gz: Fall back to storing a...

Author: Joey Hess
Revision Date: 2009-04-14 21:23:22 UTC

* pristine-gz: Fall back to storing a binary delta, in the rare
  cases where the file cannot be 100% reproduced. A warning message
  is printed if the binary delta is not relatively small.
* Allows generating quite small deltas for php-geoip,
  xsupplicant, libgraphics-colornames-perl,
  Ricoh-Aficio_2020D-Postscript.ppd.gz, and dozens on others
  that zgz can closely replicate. Closes: #518972, #506874
* For other things the deltas are not as small.
  This seems an accepable tradeoff to be able to reliably use it on
  anything. Closes: #475778, #509703, #509707, #515256, #515331
* Increase gz delta version number to 3.0 if a binary delta file
  is included.
* pristine-tar: Avoid dying in corner case involving tar's filename
  encoding. Fixes several failures.
* pristine-tar: Avoid dying if tar tv exits nonzero. This makes
  reproducing star's tarball work, even though tar gets upset
  while listing it and decides to die at the end.
* pristine-gz: Avoid passing -F to zgz if --original-name
  is passed. This bug prevented pristine-gz gengz from
  recreating the gz in some cases.
* Add aliases ci and co for commit and checkout. Closes: #500388
* pristine-gz: Fix generation of gz files that have a null filename field.
* pristine-tar: Fix behavior in the corner case where the tarball
  puts all files in a subdir, but does not contain the subdir's directory

Stats: Successfully generates deltas for all 14446 tarballs in the
Debian archive. Mean delta size: 19K Median: 2.6K Mode: 1.5K

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