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lp:ubuntu/karmic/padre 1 Development 2009-08-12 14:44:55 UTC
7. * New Upstream Version + add explic...

Author: Damyan Ivanov
Revision Date: 2009-08-12 14:44:55 UTC

* New Upstream Version
  + add explicit dependency on libtest-simple-perl (>= 0.88)
  + rules: use dh --with quilt (and bump quilt build-dependency to 0.46-7)
  + rules: no need to re-generate .mo files from .po. Upstream does it now
  + copyright: describe share/icons/padre/16x16/logo.png
    - describe share/icons/padre/16x16/toggle-comments.png
    - Padre license is the same as Perl (i.e. not Perl 5)
    - update list of copright holders
    - also list translators
  + drop libtest-most-perl from build-dependencies
  + add liblocale-msgfmt-perl to build-dependencies
  + add libcapture-tiny-perl to (build-)dependencies
  + add libfile-remove-perl (>= 1.42) to (build-)dependencies
  + drop libmodule-inspector-perl from (build-)dependencies
  + add libppix-editortools-perl to (build-)dependencies
  + add libparse-exuberantctags-perl to (build-)dependencies
  + patches:
    - drop lower-wx-requirement-to-2.8.7.patch and replace it with
      SKIP_WXWIDGETS_VERSION_CHECK=1 when configuring
      adjust README.debian accordingly
    - refresh disable-tcp-server.patch
    - drop don't-require-new-file-path.patch (applied upstream)
    - rework fix-pod2-errors.patch (new release, new errors :))
* add fix-perl-interpreter-path.patch fixing the path to the perl interpreter
  in three examples (thanks lintian)
* add more lintian overrides about script-not-executable for scripts that are
  treated as examples/templates
* add fix-whatis.patch fixing the whatis entry of Padre::Wx
* add menu and .desktop file

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