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lp:ubuntu/jaunty/nautilus-cd-burner 2 Mature 2009-12-05 18:58:49 UTC
51. * New upstream version (LP: #345168) ...

Author: Andreas Moog
Revision Date: 2009-03-19 00:43:46 UTC

* New upstream version (LP: #345168)
  - Use GIO to detect whether burn:// contains a Video-DVD
  - Remove tenious eel dependency
  - Remove unnecessary headings and blank labels in the UI
  - Add API documentation
  - Remove "CD/DVD creator" from the Places menu, and add it to the
    System Tools
  - Show the same drives as nautilus in the file chooser, as expected
  - Add a hint and icon to the nautilus "clue" bar
  - Detect some errors from wodim
  - When copying a disc, make the button say "Copy", not "Write"
    (LP: #47889)
  - Avoid crashes when HAL isn't running
  - Make "Enter" trigger the default action
  - Fix build with the single GTK+ include
  - show "places" in safe-dialogue (LP: #53498)
* debian/
  - remove build-depend on libeel2-dev, no longer needed
  - update build-depend for libglib2.0-dev to >=2.17.4
  - add build-depend on gtk-doc-tools (>=1.8)
  - added depends on ${misc:Depends} for libnautilus-burn-dev and
    libnautilus-burn4 (lintian warning)
* debian/patches
  - updated 01_enable_gnome_mount_force.patch to apply cleanly
  - updated 03_wodim.patch to apply cleanly
  - updated 05_genisoimage.patch to apply cleanly
  - added 06_fix_warnings_on_build.patch from svn, fixes build-issue

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