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3. * Non-maintainer upload * Appply patc...

Author: Wichert Akkerman
Revision Date: 2004-11-11 21:59:15 UTC

* Non-maintainer upload
* Appply patch from Julian Mehnle to better support the PAM specification:
  - No longer asks root for his old password during a password change.
  - Honors the "use_first_pass/try_first_pass" parameters for the newly
    entered password in PAM "password" mode (important when stacking with
    pam_cracklib or other modules).
  - Stores a newly entered password in a PAM item for later reuse by other
    modules in the "password" stack.
  Closes: Bug#139473
* Drop README.Debian which only warned about SQL injection attacks to
  which pam-pgsql should not be vulnerable anyway. Closes: Bug#204181
* Merge patches from Florian Zumbiehl:
  - add proper support for MD5 passwords. Closes: Bug#142889
  - Document the 'host' option. Closes: Bug#204439
* Apply patch from Jakub Stachowski adding support for different
  configuration files. Closes: Bug#236484
* Use debian/compat instead of DH_COMPAT
* drop DH_COMPAT and DH_VERBOSE exports from debian/rules

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