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lp:ubuntu/hardy/znc 2 Mature 2009-08-15 19:05:41 UTC
6. * New upstream release: * Added sas...

Author: Joey Hess
Revision Date: 2007-12-04 13:12:15 UTC

* New upstream release:
  * Added saslauth module.
  * Add del command to autoattach.
  * Make awaynick save its settings and restore them when it is loaded again.
  * Added disconnect and connect commands to *status.
  * CTCPReply = VERSION now ignores ctcp version requests (as long as no
    client is attached). This works for every CTCP request.
  * Add -W to our default CXXFLAGS.
  * Remove save command from perform, it wasn't needed.
  * Add list command to stickychan.
  * --with-module-prefix=x now really uses x and not x/znc (Inspired by
    CNU :) ).
  * Use a dynamic select timeout (sleep until next cron runs). This should
    save some CPU time.
  * Fix NAMESX / UHNAMES, round two (multi-client breakage).
  * Module API change (without any breakage): OnLoad gets sMessage instead
    of sErrorMsg.
  * Fix a mem-leak.
  * Disable auto-rejoin on kick and add module kickrejoin.
  * Respect $CXXFLAGS env var in configure.
  * Removed some executable bits on graphiX' images.
  * Added README file and removed docs/.
  * Removed the antiidle module.
  * Fixes for GCC 4.3 (Debian bug #417793).
  * Some dead code / code duplications removed.
  * Rewrote Makefile.ins and don't strip binaries anymore by default.

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