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lp:ubuntu/hardy/foomatic-db 2 Mature 2009-12-05 04:29:37 UTC 2009-12-05
22. * New upstream release o Fixed defa...

Author: Till Kamppeter
Revision Date: 2008-02-11 23:12:00 UTC

* New upstream release
  o Fixed default settings for the "HalftoningAlgorithm" option
    (LP: #25105).
  o Added many new HP, Ricoh, and Epson printers.
  o Bug fixes on the PCL-XL PPDs from Ricoh and OEMs.
  o Removed many Uniprint driver entries because they are obsolete due
    to Gutenprint delivering much better support for Epson inkjets.
  o Fixed HP DesignJet entries (so downstream patch not needed any more).
  o Added auto tray support for HP's PostScript printers.
* debian/patches/correct-designjet-ppds.patch: Removed, merged upstream.

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