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7. * optimisation for '-S' and 'DEFAULT'...

Author: Craig Sanders
Revision Date: 2007-12-03 07:43:37 UTC

* optimisation for '-S' and 'DEFAULT' commands. run locate once
  only with multiple filenames on the command line. significantly
  faster when searching for multiple filenames. slighly slower
  when searching for only one filename.
* the optimisation also means that $result is the exit-code of
  all searches combined, rather than just the exit-code of the
  last search to be run.
* this also fixes the "double-vision" symption reported in bug#354644
  i'll close this bug for now, but may reopen it if it turns out
  that an --exact-match option would be useful. (Closes: #354644)
* added '--ignore-case','-i' option for package and filename
  searches ('-l','-S', and default command). (Closes: #350818)
* used ionice in /etc/cron.daily/dlocate (Closes: #453952)

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