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lp:ubuntu/gutsy/python-networkx 1 Development 2009-08-20 23:55:57 UTC 2009-08-20
5. * Added a versioned B-D on python-sup...

Author: Cyril Brulebois
Revision Date: 2007-05-15 10:59:02 UTC

* Added a versioned B-D on python-suppport (>= 0.6.4) since #422436 is
  fixed in this version, and on python-all-dev (>= 2.3.5-11), according
  to the Python Policy.
* Dropped the manual egg renaming, which isn't needed anymore, and even
  fails with the new python-support (Closes: #423981).
* Turned usage into usage. 20_egg_support patch
  dropped accordingly.
* Added a TODO file so as not to forget TODO items for next uploads.
* Added a find/rm to remove some .cvsignore files, now installed after
  the switch to
* Adjusted README.Debian and Recommends:, since python-yaml is now packaged,
  and added instructions to run the testsuite from a python interpreter.

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