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11. [ Julien Cristau ] * New upstream rel...

Author: David Nusinow
Revision Date: 2006-12-04 19:27:21 UTC

[ Julien Cristau ]
* New upstream release. Includes the following fixes for bugs reported in
  the Debian BTS:
  + add the Xaw scrollbar translations resource to the xterm manpage, add an
    example showing how to change the mouse button assignments
    (closes: #382225).
  + amend cell-width computation for FreeType from patch #217, which did not
    work for VT100 line-drawing characters (closes: #399638).
  + revert an optimisation in SGR_Foreground() and SGR_Background from patch
    #209 (closes: #347722).
  + fixes to make the internalBorder area not change color due to
    reverseVideo and/or related exposure events. The latter was a very old
    bug exposed in patch #196 (closes: #397624).
 * The fix for #347790 is now included upstream.

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