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25. * New upstream release: - much impr...

Author: Scott James Remnant (Canonical)
Revision Date: 2007-03-11 19:19:00 UTC

* New upstream release:
  - much improved initctl tool.

* Update my standard prep_/undo_/rm_conffile functions to take into account
  current dpkg behaviour wrt obsolete conffiles. The conffile is now moved
  out of the way in preinst and the moved file deleted in postinst, or moved
  back in postrm abort-upgrade. This means it's not there when dpkg
  configures the new version, so the conffile is not left in the list.
* Purge backups of modified obsolete conffiles when the package is purged.

* Update runlevel and respawn rule generated in
  LP: #89314

* Drop 00-libnih-update.patch and 01-libnih-sparc-ftbfs.patch; new upstream
  release includes an up-to-date libnih which contains both patches.
* Drop 10-cant-stop-execless-job.patch; included upstream.
* Drop 20-complex-event-config.patch; this is going to be significantly
  changed upstream, and we don't want to ship something strange.
* Drop 30-fix-warnings.patch; included upstream.

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