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lp:ubuntu/feisty/digikam 1 Development 2009-12-18 06:01:43 UTC
25. [ Achim Bohnet ] * Remove 'image arti...

Author: Achim Bohnet
Revision Date: 2007-04-10 20:18:04 UTC

[ Achim Bohnet ]
* Remove 'image artifacts on large zoom' fix
  debian/patches/digikam-svn-r649987.diff: It was not the the tile
  cache fix (digikam-svn-r649833.diff) that broke rendering.
  (Closes: LP#102912)
* debian/control: fix XS-Vcs-* header. Debian maintainer team moved 0.9.1
  debian/* files from branches/experimentail/ to trunk/

[ Anthony Mercatante ]
* add debian/patches/11-add-service-menu-translations.diff: fix UTF-8
  encoding in digikam/utilities/hotplug/digikam-* Use KDE svn
  version of the file which contains turkish translation too. Fix the french

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