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lp:ubuntu/edgy/gnome-screensaver 1 Development 2009-12-02 23:01:32 UTC 2009-12-02
27. * New upstream release * savers/gs-...

Author: Oliver Grawert
Revision Date: 2006-10-04 12:03:50 UTC

* New upstream release
  * savers/gs-theme-window.c (force_no_pixmap_background): Use #000000
    color notation. Add SELECTED state.
  * src/gs-window-x11.c: (spawn_make_environment_for_screen),
    (spawn_command_line_on_screen_sync), (get_best_visual_for_screen),
    (get_best_colormap_for_screen): Set the correct value of DISPLAY
    for the gl helper. Fixes #358963
  * src/gs-window-x11.c (queue_key_event): Don't queue keys that may
    cause focus navigation in the dialog. Patch from Bruno Boaventura
    <> Fixes #354975
  * src/gs-grab-x11.c: (xorg_lock_smasher_set_active), (gs_grab_nuke_focus)
  * src/gs-visual-gl.c: (gs_visual_gl_get_best_for_screen)
  * src/gs-watcher-x11.c: (notice_events), (init_mit_saver_extension)
  * src/gs-window-x11.c: (clear_all_children), (select_popup_events):
    Sync X11 display before removing error handlers. Hopefully fixes #358963
  * src/gnome-screensaver-command.c (main): Don't close a shared bus connection.
  * data/ Don't explicitly set icon sizes
    in preview bar. Fixes #353518 Patch from Dimitur Kirov <>
  * src/gs-manager.c: (gs_manager_create_window): Add debug spew for number
    of monitors per screen.
  * src/gs-watcher-x11.c: (reset_timers), (initialize_server_extensions),
    (disable_builtin_screensaver): Rip out the SGI saver and xidle stuff
    since we are not using it.
  * src/gs-grab-x11.c: (gs_grab_get_keyboard), (gs_grab_move_mouse),
    (gs_grab_move_keyboard), (gs_grab_grab_window)
  * src/gs-job.c: (wait_on_child), (nice_process), (spawn_on_widget),
  * src/gs-listener-dbus.c: (send_dbus_message), (send_dbus_void_signal),
    (gs_listener_send_signal_session_idle_changed), (raise_error),
    (raise_property_type_error), (listener_set_property),
    (listener_get_property), (listener_get_active_time),
    (listener_get_session_idle_time), (gs_listener_dbus_init):
  * src/gs-manager.c: (gs_manager_activate), (gs_manager_deactivate)
  * src/gs-window-x11.c: (get_env_vars):
    Use gs_debug instead of g_warning so the messages get into the log.
    Also add more environment variables to the whitelist.
* drop all our gconf patches (60_change_gconf_schemas.patch,
  61_switch_user_by_default.patch, 62_disable_lock_by_default.patch)
  and make them a gconf default setting in /usr/share/gconf/defaults

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