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lp:ubuntu/dapper/man-db 2 Mature 2009-12-05 10:42:43 UTC 2009-12-05
4. * Ignore SIGINT and SIGQUIT in the pa...

Author: Colin Watson
Revision Date: 2005-09-21 13:03:47 UTC

* Ignore SIGINT and SIGQUIT in the parent while running subprocesses
  (closes: #328982).
* Improve SIGCHLD handling in pipeline library (closes: #326488):
  - Queue SIGCHLD for the whole time we're collecting child process
    statuses; we need to keep a careful count of processes.
  - Forget any previous errno before calling reap_children.
* Explicitly tell po2debconf to use the 'popular' output encoding, so that
  the woody-compatibility hack works even with po-debconf 0.9.0.

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