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lp:ubuntu/dapper/bumprace 2 Mature 2009-07-31 10:25:34 UTC
5. * remove back2.jpg from upstream sour...

Author: Christian T. Steigies
Revision Date: 2005-10-29 18:24:17 UTC

* remove back2.jpg from upstream source (closes: #336227)
* created background_by_cts.xcf with gimp which can be used as a replacement
  (I am not an artist, if you have a nice, free picture, please contact Karl)
* background_by_cts.xcf is converted in debian/rules with imagemagick to
  back2.jpg, thus build-depend on imagemagick
* GNU config automated update: config.sub (20050708 to 20050708),
  config.guess (20050708 to 20050803)

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