snapd 2.36.3+19.04 source package in Ubuntu


snapd (2.36.3+19.04) disco; urgency=medium

  * New upstream release, LP: #1795590
    - wrappers: use new systemd.IsActive in core18 early boot
    - httputil: retry on temporary net errors
    - wrappers: only restart service in core18 when they are active
    - systemd: start snapd.autoimport.service in --no-block mode
    - data/selinux: fix syntax error in definition of snappy_admin
      interfacewhen installing selinux-policy-devel package.
    - centos: enable SELinux support on CentOS 7
    - cmd, dirs, interfaces/apparmor: update distro identification to
      support ID="archlinux"
    - apparmor: allow hard link to snap-specific semaphore files
    - overlord,apparmor: new syskey behaviour + non-ignored snap-confine
      profile errors
    - snap: add new `snap run --trace-exec` call
    - interfaces/backends: detect too old apparmor_parser

snapd (2.36.2) xenial; urgency=medium

  * New upstream release, LP: #1795590
    - daemon, vendor: bump,
      handle API changes
    - snapstate: update fontconfig caches on install
    - overlord,daemon: mock security backends for testing
    - sanity, spread, tests: add CentOS
    - Revert "cmd/snap, tests/main/snap-info: highlight the current
    - cmd/snap: add nanosleep to blacklisted syscalls when running with
    - tests: add regression test for LP #1803535
    - snap-update-ns: fix trailing slash bug on trespassing error
    - interfaces/builtin/opengl: allow reading /etc/OpenCL/vendors
    - cmd/snap-confine: nvidia: pick up
    - interfaces/opengl: add additional accesses for cuda

snapd (2.36.1) xenial; urgency=medium

  * New upstream release, LP: #1795590
    - tests,snap-confine: add core18 only hooks test and fix running
      core18 only hooks on classic
    - interfaces/apparmor: allow access to
    - spread.yaml: add more systems to the autopkgtest and qemu backends
    - daemon: spool sideloaded snap into blob dir
    - wrappers: fix generating of service units with multiple `before`
    - data: run snapd.autoimport.service only after seeding
    - tests,store,daemon: ensure proxy settings are honored in
      auth/userinfo too
    - packaging/fedora: Merge changes from Fedora Dist-Git
    - tests/lib: adjust to changed systemctl behaviour on debian-9
    - tests/main/interfces-accounts-service: switch to busctl, more
    - store: also make snaps downloaded via deltas 0600
    - cmd/snap-exec: don't fail on some try mode snaps
    - cmd/snap, userd, testutil: tweak DBus tests to use private session
      bus connection
    - tests/main: fixes for the new shellcheck
    - cmd/snap-confine: remove stale mount profile along stale namespace
    - data/apt: close stderr when calling snap in the apt install hook

snapd (2.36) xenial; urgency=medium

  * New upstream release, LP: #1795590
    - overlord/snapstate, snap, wrappers: start services in the right
      order during install
    - tests: the store has caught up, drop gccgo test, update cosmic
    - cmd/snap: try not to panic on error from "snap try"`--devmode`
    - overlord/ifacestate: don't conflict on own discard-snap tasks when
      refreshing & doing garbage collection
    - snapstate: add command-chain to supported featureset
    - daemon, snap: mark screenshots as deprecated
    - interfaces: fix decoding of json numbers for static/dynamic
    - data/systemd, wrappers: tweak system-shutdown helper for core18
    - interfaces/system-key: add parser mtime and only discover features
      on write
    - interfaces: fix NormalizeInterfaceAttributes, add tests
    - systemd,wrappers: don't start disabled services
    - ifacestate/hooks: only create interface hook tasks if hooks exist
    - tests: do not run degraded test in autopkgtest env
    - osutil: workaround overlayfs on ubuntu 18.10
    - interfaces: include invalid type in Attr error
    - many: enable layouts by default
    - interfaces/default: don't scrub with change_profile with classic
    - cmd/snap: speed up unit tests
    - vendor, cmd/snap: refactor to accommodate the new less buggy go-
    - daemon: expose snapshots to the API
    - interfaces: updates for default, screen-inhibit-control, tpm,
    - interfaces/hotplug: rename HotplugDeviceKey method to HotplugKey,
      update test interface
    - interfaces/tests: use TestInterface instead of a custom local
    - overlord/snapstate: export getFeatureFlagBool.
    - osutil,asserts,daemon: support force password change in system-
      user assertion
    - snap, wrappers: support restart-delay, generate RestartSec=<value>
      in service units
    - tests/ifacestate: moved asserts-related mocking into helper
    - image: fetch device store assertion if available
    - many: enable AppArmor on Arch
    - interfaces/repo: two helper methods for hotplug
    - overlord/ifacestate: add hotplug slots with implicit slots
    - interfaces/hotplug: helpers and struct updates
    - tests: run the snapd tests on Ubuntu 18.10
    - snapstate: only report errors if there is an actual error
    - store: speedup unit tests
    - spread-shellcheck: fix interleaved error messages, tweaks
    - apparmor: create SnapAppArmorDir in setupSnapConfineReexec
    - ifacestate: implementation of defaultDeviceKey function for
    - cmd/snap-update-ns: remove empty placeholders used for mounting
    - snapshotstate: restore to current revision
    - tests/lib: rework the CLA checker
    - many: support and consider store friendly-stores when checking
      device scope constraints
    - overlord/snapstate: block parallel installs of snapd, core, base,
      kernel, gadget snaps
    - overlord/patch: patch for static plug/slot attributes
    - interfaces: honor static attributes when reloading conns
    - osutils: unit tests speedup; introduce «run-checks --short-
    - systemd, wrappers: speed up wrappers unit tests
    - client: speedup unit tests
    - spread-shellcheck: use threads to parallelise
    - snap: validate plug and slot names
    - osutil, interfaces/apparmor: add and use of osutil.UnlinkMany
    - wrappers: do not depend on network.taget in socket units, tweak
      generated units
    - interfaces/apparmor: (un)load profiles in one apparmor_parser call
    - store: gracefully handle unexpected errors in 'action'
    - cmd: put our manpages in section 8
    - overlord: don't make become-operational interfere with user
    - store: tweak unmatched refresh result error log
    - snap, client, daemon, store: use and expose "media" more
    - tests,cmd/snap-update-ns: add test showing mount update bug
      cmd/snap-update-ns: better detection of snapd-made tmpfs
    - tests: spread tests for aliases with parallel installed snaps
    - interfaces/seccomp: allow using statx by default
    - store: gracefully handle unexpected errors in 'action' response
    - overlord/snapshotstate: chown the tempdir
    - cmd/snap: attempt to start the document portal if running with a
      session bus
    - snap: detect layouts vs layout in snap.yaml
    - interfaces/apparmor: handle overlayfs snippet for snap-update-ns
    - snapcraft.yaml: set grade to stable
    - tests: shellchecks, final round
    - interfaces/apparmor: handle overlayfs snippet for snap-update-ns
    - snap: detect layouts vs layout in snap.yaml
    - overlord/snapshotstate: store epoch in snapshot, check on restore
    - cmd/snap: tweak UX of snap refresh --list
    - overlord/snapstate: improve consistency, use validateInfoAndFlags
      also in InstallPath
    - snap: give Epoch a CanRead helper
    - overlord/snapshotstate: small refactor of internal helpers
    - interfaces/builtin: adding missing permission to create
      /run/wpa_supplicant directory
    - interfaces/builtin: avahi interface update
    - client, daemon: support passing of 'unaliased' option when
      installing from local files
    - selftest: rename selftest.Run() to sanity.Check()
    - interfaces/apparmor: report apparmor support level and policy
    - ifacestate: helpers for generating slot names for hotplug
    - overlord/ifacestate: make sure to pass in the Model assertion when
      enforcing policies
    - overlord/snapshotstate: store the SnapID in snapshot, block
      restore if changed
    - interfaces: generalize writable mimic profile
    - asserts,interfaces/policy: add support for on-store/on-brand/on-
      model plug/slot rule constraints
    - many: fetch the device store assertion together and in the context
      of interpreting snap-declarations
    - tests: disable gccgo tests on 18.04 for now, until dh-golang vs
      gccgo is fixed
    - tests/main/parallel-install-services: add spread test for snaps
      with services
    - tests/main/snap-env: extend to cover parallel installations of
    - tests/main/parallel-install-local: rename from *-sideload, extend
      to run snaps
    - cmd/snapd,daemon,overlord: without snaps, stop and wait for socket
    - cmd/snap: tame the help zoo
    - tests/main/parallel-install-store: run installed snap
    - cmd/snap: add a bunch of TRANSLATORS notes (and a little more
    - cmd: fix C formatting
    - tests: remove unneeded cleanup from layout tests
    - image: warn on missing default-providers
    - selftest: add test to ensure selftest.checks is up-to-date
    - interfaces/apparmor, interfaces/builtin: tweaks for parallel snap
    - userd: extend the list of supported XDG Desktop properties when
      autostarting user applications
    - cmd/snap-update-ns: enforce trespassing checks
    - selftest: actually run the kernel version selftest
    - snapd: go into degraded mode when the selftest fails
    - tests: add test that runs snapctl with a core18 snap
    - tests: add snap install hook with base: core18
    - overlord/{snapstate,assertstate}: parallel instances and
      refresh validation
    - interfaces/docker-support: add rules to read apparmor macros
    - tests: make nfs test available for more systems
    - tests: cleanup copy/paste dup in interfaces-network-setup-control
    - tests: using single sh snap in interface tests
    - overlord/snapstate: improve cleaup in mount-snap handler
    - tests: don't fail interfaces-bluez test if bluez is already
    - tests: find snaps just for edge and beta channels
    - daemon, snapstate: consistent snap list [--all] output with broken
    - tests: fix listing to allow extra things in the notes column
    - cmd/snap: improve UX when removing specific snap revision
    - cmd/snap, tests/main/snap-info: highlight the current channel
    - interfaces/testiface: added TestHotplugInterface
    - snap: tweak commands
    - interfaces/hotplug: hotplug spec takes one slot definition
    - overlord/snapstate, snap: handle shared snap directories when
      installing/remove snaps with instance key
    - interfaces/opengl: misc accesses for VA-API
    - client, cmd/snap: expose warnings to the world
    - cmd/snap-update-ns: introduce trespassing state tracking
    - cmd/snap: commands no longer build their own client
    - tests: try to build cmd/snap for darwin
    - daemon: make error responders not printf when called with 1
    - many: return real snap name in API response
    - overlord/state: return latest LastAdded time in WarningsSummary
    - many: mount namespace mapping for parallel installs of snaps
    - ifacestate/autoconnect: do not self-conflict on setup-profiles if
    - client, cmd/snap: on !linux, exit when the client tries to Do
    - tests: refactor for nested suite and tests fixed
    - tests: use lxd's waitready instead of polling lxd socket
    - ifacestate: don't initialize udev monitor until we have a system
    - interfaces: extra argument for static attrs in
    - packaging/arch: sync packaging with AUR
    - snapstate/tests: serialize all appends in fake backend
    - snap-confine: make /lib/modules optional
    - cmd/snap: handle "snap interfaces core" better
    - store: move download tests into downloadSuite
    - tests,interfaces: run interfaces-account-control on UC18
    - tests: fix install snaps test by adding link to /snap
    - tests: fix for nested test suite
    - daemon: fix snap list --all with parallel snap instances
    - snapstate: refactor tests to use SetModel*
    - wrappers: fix snap services order in tests
    - many: provide salt for generating instance-key in store requests
    - ifacestate: fix hang when retrying content providers
    - snapd-env-generator: fix when PATH is empty or unset
    - overlord/assertstate: propagate TaskSnapSetup error
    - client: catch and expose logs errors
    - overlord: integrate device enumeration with udev monitor
    - daemon, overlord/state: warnings pipeline
    - tests: add publisher regex to fix the snap-info test pass on sru
    - cmd: use systemdsystemgeneratorsdir, cleanup automake complaints,
    - cmd/snap-update-ns: remove the unused Secure type
    - osutil, o/snapshotstate, o/sss/backend: quick fixes
    - tests: update the listing expression to support core from
      different channels
    - store: use stable instance key in store refresh requests
    - cmd/snap-update-ns: detach Mk{Prefix,{File,Dir,Symlink{,All}}}
    - overlord/patch: support for sublevel patches
    - tests: update prepare/restore for nightly suite
    - cmd/snap-update-ns: detach BindMount from the Secure type
    - cmd/snap-update-ns: re-factor pair of helpers to call fstatfs once
    - ifacestate: retry on "discard-snap" in autoconnect conflict check
    - cmd/snap-update-ns: separate OpenPath from the Secure struct
    - wrappers: remove
    - tests: add new core16-base test
    - store: refactor tests so that they work as store_test package
    - many: add refresh.rate-limit core option
    - tests: run account-control test with different bases
    - tests: port proxy test to use python tinyproxy
    - overlord: introduce snapshotstate.
    - testutil: allow Fstatfs results to vary over time
    - snap-update-ns: add comments about the "deadcode" in bootstrap.go
    - overlord: add chg.Err() in testUpdateWithAutoconnectRetry
    - many: remove deadcode
    - tests: also run unit/gccgo in 18.04
    - tests: introduce a helper for installing local snaps with --name
    - tests: avoid removing core snap on reset
    - snap: use snap.SideInfo in test to fix build with gccgo
    - partition: remove unused runCommand
    - image: fix incorrect error when using local bases
    - overlord/snapstate: fix format
    - cmd: fix format
    - tests: setting "storage: preserve-size" just for amazon-linux
    - tests: test for the hostname interface
    - interfaces/modem-manager: allow access to more USB strings
    - overlord: instantiate UDevMonitor
    - interfaces/apparmor: tweak naming, rename to AddLayout()
    - interfaces: take instance name in ifacetest.InstallSnap
    - snapcraft: do not use --dirty in mkversion
    - cmd: add systemd environment generator
    - devicestate: support getting (http) proxy from core config
    - many: rename ClientOpts to ClientOptions
    - prepare-image-grub-core18: remove image root in restore
    - overlord/ifacestate: remove "old-conn" from connect/undo connect
    - packaging/fedora: Merge changes from Fedora Dist-Git
    - image: handle errors when downloadedSnapsInfoForBootConfig has no
    - tests: use official core18 model assertion in tests
    - snap-confine: map /var/lib/extrausers into snaps mount-namespace
    - overlord,store: support proxy settings internally too
    - cmd/snap: bring back 'snap version'
    - interfaces/mount: tweak naming of things
    - strutil: fix MatchCounter to also work with buffer reuse
    - cmd,interfaces,tests: add /mnt to removable-media interface
    - systemd: do not run " on firstboot
    - snap/snapenv: drop some instance specific variables, use instance-
      specific ones for user locations
    - firstboot: sort by type when installing the firstboot snaps
    - cmd, cmd/snap: better support for non-linux
    - strutil: add new ParseByteSize
    - image: detect and error if bases are missing
    - interfaces/apparmor: do not downgrade confinement on arch with
      linux-hardened 4.17.4+
    - daemon: add pokeStateLock helper to the daemon tests
    - snap/squashfs: improve error message from Build on mksquashfs
    - tests: remove /etc/alternatives from dirs-not-shared-with-host
    - cmd: support re-exec into the "snapd" snap
    - spdx: remove "Other Open Source" from the support licenses
    - snap: add new type "TypeSnapd" and attach to the snapd snap
    - interfaces: retain order of inserted security backends
    - tests: spread test for parallel-installs desktop file handling
    - overlord/devicestate: use OpenSSL's PEM format when generating
    - cmd: remove --skip-command-chain from snap run and snap-exec
    - selftest: detect if apparmor is unusable and error
    - snap,snap-exec: support command-chain for hooks
    - tests: significantly reduce execution time for managers test
    - snapstate: use new "snap.ByType" sorting
    - overlord/snapstate: fix UpdateMany() to work with parallel
    - testutil: have File* checker produce more useful error output
    - overlord/ifacestate: introduce connectOpts
    - interfaces: parallel instances support, extend unit tests
    - tests: normalize tests
    - snapstate: make InstallPath() return *snap.Info too
    - snap: add ByType sorting
    - interfaces: add cifs-mount interface
    - tests: use file based markers in snap-service-stop-mode
    - osutil: reorg and stub out things to get it building on darwin
    - tests/main/layout: cleanup after the test
    - osutil/sys: small tweaks to let it build on darwin
    - daemon, overlord/snapstate: set instance name when installing from
      snap file
    - many: move Uname to osutil, for more DRY and easier porting.
    - cmd/snap: create snap user directory when running parallel
      installed snaps
    - cmd/snap-confine: switch to validation of SNAP_INSTANCE_NAME
    - tests: basic test for parallel installs from the store
    - image: download the gadget from the model.GadgetTrack()
    - snapstate: add support for gadget tracks in model assertion
    - image: add support for "gadget=track"
    - overlord: handle sigterm during shutdown better
    - tests: add the original function to fix the errors on new kernels
    - tests/main/lxd: pull lxd from candidate; reënable i386
    - wayland: add extra sockets that are used by older toolkits (e.g.
    - asserts: add support for gadget tracks in the model assertion
    - overlord/snapstate: improve feature flag validation
    - tests/main/lxd: run ubuntu-16.04 only on 64 bit variant
    - interfaces: workaround for activated services and newer DBus
    - tests: get the linux-image-extra available for the current kernel
    - interfaces: add new "sysfs-name" to i2c interfaces code
    - interfaces: disconnect hooks
    - cmd/libsnap: unify detection of core/classic with go
    - tests: fix autopkgtest failures in cosmic
    - snap: fix advice json
    - overlord/snapstate: parallel snap install
    - store: backward compatible instance-key handling for non-instance
    - interfaces: add screencast-legacy for video and audio recording
    - tests: skip unsupported architectures for fedora-base-smoke test
    - tests: avoid using the journalctl cursor when it has not been
      created yet
    - snapstate: ensure normal snaps wait for the "snapd" snap on
    - tests: enable lxd again everywhere
    - tests: new test for udisks2 interface
    - interfaces: add cpu-control for setting CPU tunables
    - overlord/devicestate: fix tests, set seeded in registration
      through proxy tests
    - debian: add missing breaks on cosmic
    - devicestate: only run device-hook when fully seeded
    - seccomp: conditionally add socketcall() based on system and base
    - tests: new test for juju client observe interface
    - overlord/devicestate: DTRT w/a snap proxy to reach a serial vault
    - snapcraft: set version information for the snapd snap
    - cmd/snap, daemon: error out if trying to install a snap using
      empty name
    - hookstate: simplify some hook tests
    - cmd/snap-confine: extend security tag validation to cover instance
    - snap: fix mocking of systemkey in snap-run tests
    - packaging/opensuse: fix static build of snap-update-ns and snap-
    - interfaces/builtin: addtl network-manager resolved DBus fix
    - udev: skip TestParseUdevEvent on ppc
    - interfaces: miscellaneous policy updates
    - debian: add tzdata to build-dep to ensure snapd builds correctly
    - cmd/libsnap-confine-private: intoduce helpers for validating snap
      instance name and instance key
    - snap,snap-exec: support command-chain for app
    - interfaces/builtin: network-manager resolved DBus changes
    - snap: tweak `snap wait` command
    - cmd/snap-update-ns: introduce validation of snap instance names
    - cmd/snap: fix some corner-case test setup weirdness
    - cmd,dirs: fix various issues discovered by a Fedora base snap
    - tests/lib/prepare: fix extra snaps test

 -- Michael Vogt <email address hidden>  Fri, 14 Dec 2018 07:30:58 +0100

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