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Series: trunk
bug 1 Development 2012-08-21 20:52:01 UTC
68. Releasing u-boot-linaro 2012.08.2-ubu...

Author: John Rigby
Revision Date: 2012-08-21 20:52:01 UTC

Releasing u-boot-linaro 2012.08.2-ubuntu1
Update to upstream 2012.08.2 v2012.07 base plus
snowball patches accepted upstream:
9776e50 snowball: Add support for ux500 based snowball board
ea02abc u8500: Moving prcmu to cpu directory
2612183 snowball: Adding architecture dependent initialisation
371a06a snowball: Adding CPU clock initialisation
3b241b1 snowball: Moving to ux500.v2 addess scheme for PRCMU access
a692003 snowball: applying power to LAN and GBF controllers
42ea83d u8500: Moving processor-specific functions to cpu area.
ad2192e u8500: Enabling power to MMC device on AB8500 V2
da7b6ec u8500: Separating mmc config parameters from driver
629a896 armv7: Adding cpu specific cache managmenent
90afee0 snowball: Adding board specific cache cleanup routine
rebased u-boot-linaro patches from 2012.05.x:
bd75391 PXE: OMAP4: add standard env vars
06e17c8 arm: omap4_panda: Enable pxecfg support
2c9ca28 SAUCE: OMAP4 Make pxe boot fallback default boot
433d266 OMAP3: Beagle: Add standard addresses to env
252c1f6 OMAP3: Beagle: Enable PXE support
6c884b7 OMAP3: igep0020: Enable PXE support
800f1e8 MX53LOCO: Enable PXE boot
f5ad9a8 ARM: vexpress: move files in preparation for adding a new platform
fb431df ARM: vexpress: create A9 specific board config
2fcedc0 ARM: vexpress: create A5 specific board config
89a877b ARM: vexpress: Change maintainer for ARM Versatile Express platforms
0fd9b7b ARM: vexpress: Extend default boot sequence to load script from MMC
a89d0d3 net: allow setting env enetaddr from net device setting
49a3fb4 ARM: highbank: add autoboot script files
d01a4c4 ARM: highbank: update autoboot bootdelay value
8719c81 Add a default env that will use boot.scr from the vfat partition
2a6e51b mx53loco: define ERRATUM_ESDHC111
99c0c6c OMAP4: avoid null pointer access in save_boot_params
df4985e OMAP4: Make mmc and fat conditional in spl
51b3a85 OMAP4: Panda: Add usb peripheral boot
9637415 OMAP4: Panda: Add USB_SPL variant
8b622af OMAP4: Force PXE booting when booting via spl-usb
03e97da PXE: look for usbethaddr if no ethaddr
0470e3d OMAP4 Panda: Generate a unique usbethaddr
d7f633f OMAP3: Beagle: add back boot.scr support
b80fc38 OMAP4: Panda: add uEnv.txt support
09b9feb OMAP4: Enable command line editing in omap4_common.h
36ba0c6 OMAP4: change MAXARGS to 32
d2e97e7 OMAP3: Enable command line editing for omap3_beagle
9b1eb6e Allow loading of u-boot.bin for backward compatibility
db1d3d5 OMAP3: Beagle: set mac addr from dieid
392394a SAUCE: HACK: move omap spl base address
8ad68ea OMAP4: add preEnv.txt support
20129db OMAP3 Beagle: add preEnv.txt support
b6283d5 overo: support 200Mhz memory on 37XX
98fc296 dsuboot: fix warnings
3f0ff41 dhcp: add default weak dhcp_vendorex_{prep,proc} functions
502afac PXE: add dhcp option support for better pxe support
9f3969c Revert "armv7: adapt omap3 to the new cache maintenance framework"
one new revert:
2f6410a Revert "ARM: OMAP4/5: Do not configure non essential pads, clocks, dplls."

lp:~rsalveti/u-boot-linaro/stable-trunk 1 Development 2013-07-10 10:58:34 UTC
7646. pxe: try bootz if bootm fails to find...

Author: Rob Herring
Revision Date: 2013-07-10 10:58:34 UTC

pxe: try bootz if bootm fails to find a valid image

Standard pxelinux servers will typically use a zImage rather than u-boot
image format, so fallback to bootz if bootm fails.

Signed-off-by: Rob Herring <>
[ Cherry-picked to current tracking branch]
Signed-off-by: Tushar Behera <>

lp:~linaro-foundations/u-boot-linaro/stable bug 1 Development 2013-05-16 11:03:36 UTC
50. Add am335x_evm for BeagleBone board

Author: Fathi Boudra
Revision Date: 2013-05-16 11:03:36 UTC

Add am335x_evm for BeagleBone board

lp:~rsalveti/u-boot-linaro/next-trunk 1 Development 2012-12-07 01:38:09 UTC
7630. fix build error with disabled command...

Author: John Rigby
Revision Date: 2012-12-07 01:38:09 UTC

fix build error with disabled command line editing

Signed-off-by: John Rigby <>

lp:~aviksil/u-boot-linaro/add-armhf-support 1 Development 2012-01-12 11:42:32 UTC
39. Add armhf support

Author: Avik Sil
Revision Date: 2012-01-09 06:31:53 UTC

Add armhf support

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