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Series: trunk
1 Development 2012-05-08 02:47:25 UTC 2012-05-08
138. Updated to fix issue with maxint

Author: flyguy97
Revision Date: 2012-05-08 02:47:25 UTC

Updated to fix issue with maxint

lp:~gabriel1984sibiu/sopcast-player/sp-auth 1 Development 2014-06-18 19:11:35 UTC 2014-06-18
2. Change debian/control file

Author: grevutiu gabriel
Revision Date: 2014-06-18 19:11:35 UTC

Change debian/control file

lp:~gabriel1984sibiu/sopcast-player/trunk 1 Development 2014-06-15 18:09:23 UTC 2014-06-15
140. Added code that automatically registe...

Author: flyguy97
Revision Date: 2012-05-16 08:01:03 UTC

Added code that automatically registers a mimetype handler to automatically launch sopcast from browsers thanks to João Martins. Also, credited Pietro Acinapura for developing a Gentoo overlay that will allow for easy installation.

git-svn-id: 70e63da4-d337-11dd-8772-d1b041bf0e37

lp:~phoenix1987/sopcast-player/devel 1 Development 2011-11-24 18:30:44 UTC 2011-11-24
89. New features: - Schedules have been "...

Author: Gabriele N. Tornetta
Revision Date: 2011-11-24 18:30:44 UTC

New features:
- Schedules have been "pluginized"
- Schedule modules have been revisited
- Bookmark management completed
- Channel details in tooltip text on Channel list (formerly Channel guide)
- Experimental filtering of the Channel list
- New slick application icon

Future plans:
- Handle audio delay
- Allow using a different media source for audio output
- Improve "pluginiziation"
- Improve Channel list filtering
- Introduce mplayer support with the help of 0.7.0

Known bugs:
- The external player switch mechanism needs to be revised
- Most of the other settings accessible from the Preferences dialog haven't been tested against new changes

lp:~aminebouhlali1/sopcast-player/amine 1 Development 2009-03-04 16:29:58 UTC 2009-03-04 Revision details not available for remote branches.
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