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lp:~cfuhrman/shpak/trunk 2 Mature 2018-08-06 21:46:28 UTC 2018-08-06
43. Import latest changes from personal r...

Author: Christopher M. Fuhrman
Revision Date: 2018-08-06 21:46:28 UTC

Import latest changes from personal repo

 - Set rsync(1) timeout to 30 seconds

 - Switch /usr/pkg to /opt/pkg to make installation easier

 - Make sure /opt/pkg/bin is before /usr/bin on MacOSX. Also, there is no need to
   have /opt/schily/bin twice in our path
 - Use an alias instead of GREP_OPTIONS as GREP_OPTIONS is now deprecated[1]

 - Note ShellPAK now support customization of GNU nano(1) editor
 - Update supported operating systems
 - It's OpenSUSE, not OpenSuSE
 - Add instructions for setting up pythong

 - Add /opt/pkg/bin to cmf-path-list
 - Customize use-fancy-splash-screens-p for emacs version 24.5 (inclusive )->
   25.2.1 (exclusive)
 - Alignment fixes
 - Only customize height for when running Emacs under X-Windows
 - Add hooks via :hook declaration
 - Remove ac-ispell as it was causing too many issues to be useful
 - Remove popwin package as it was causing too many issues
 - Only install ace-window for emacs 24.4 and greater
 - Only install all-the-icons for emacs 24.4 and greater
 - Remove diff-mode customizations which were for popwin
 - Further customize flycheck
 - Only install gited for emacs 24.4 and greater
 - Bind gited-list-branches to C-c C-g
 - Swiper customizations for Emacs 26
 - Install and configure markdown-mode
 - Install and configure org-fancy-priorities
 - Enable line up of cascading calls when editing PHP files
 - Set up Python development in Emacs
 - Add remote-url to VC-Fossil header
 - which-key requires Emacs 24.4 and greater
 - Customize org-crypt

 - Align copyright information

 - Exclude the following from getting hosed:
   + .aggrev_defs
   + .python-environments
   + tramp

 - Add support for customizing python environment

(thirdparty/git-completion.bash, thirdparty/git-prompt)
 - Import git completion and prompt scripts from git v2.15.1


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