Screenlets 0.1.3

Maintenance version to make Screenlets work correctly with new versions of our operation systems after two years of standing still.

Notice that the code in tar.gz differs from trunk version. In src/share/screenlets-manager/, instead of development PPA "ppa:screenlets-dev/ppa" there is stable PPA "ppa:screenlets/ppa". There is similar change in src/lib/

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* You can install any individual Screenlet as a Debian package from central PPA.
* You can translate individual Screenlets on Launchpad.
* Individual Screenlets now translatable on Launchpad.
* Incorporated most of the patches from bug tracker.
* Fixed a problem with the theme directories.
* Fixed icon logic to work with Ubuntu new icon policy.
* Monochrome icons available by default.
* Added Compiz setting to make screenlets stick to Desktop.
* Updated notification area menu and fixed refresh.
* Updated context menu.
* Updated some strings, links, translations.
* Updated the link to get fresh Screenlets.
* Implemented Debian package requirements check for Screenlets.
* Created Screenlets debianizer.
* Created additional packaging system for Debian Screenlets packs.
* Merged individual Screenlets with Universal Applets Extras.

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713336 #713336 Screenlets manager doesn't start on Natty 2 Critical   3 Invalid
691536 #691536 Remove spam from wiki 3 High   8 In Progress
699695 #699695 An easy way to add PPA from the Screenlets Manager 6 Wishlist   10 Fix Released
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