Milestones belong to a series and can be created from the series page by a project owner or series release manager.

Version Series Expected Released Summary
Screenlets 0.1.7 trunk None 2017-01-30 work on xenial
Screenlets 0.1.6 trunk None 2012-01-27
Screenlets 0.1.5 trunk None 2011-10-14
Screenlets 0.1.4 trunk None 2011-06-25 Make usable on Natty.
Screenlets 0.1.2 trunk None 2008-06-04 This is the new screenlets 0.1.2 release this is the final release of its cic...
Screenlets 0.1.1 trunk None 2008-05-07 This is mostly a bug fix release but with a lot of new screenlets. A lot of b...
Screenlets 0.1 trunk None 2008-04-03 Screenlets is a widget framework that consists of small owner-drawn applicati...
Screenlets 0.0.14 trunk None 2008-03-16 minor changes from last version
Screenlets 0.0.13 trunk None 2008-03-16 Version 0.0.13 released Added ability to install basic karamba themes from t...
Screenlets 0.0.12 trunk None 2008-02-03 The new version of Screenlets 0.0.12
Screenlets 0.0.10 trunk None 2008-02-04 Screenlets 0.0.10 package
Screenlets 0.0.9 trunk None 2008-02-04 Screenlet 0.0.9
Screenlets 0.0.7 trunk None 2008-02-04 Screenlet 0.0.7
Screenlets 0.1.3 trunk 2011-02-10 2011-03-11 Maintenance version to make Screenlets work correctly with new versions of ou...