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Series: trunk, 1.
bug 1 Development 2017-03-01 20:04:25 UTC
940. expj-plugin improvements * update def...

Author: Dominik Kriegner
Revision Date: 2017-03-01 20:03:32 UTC

expj-plugin improvements
* update default download link to the github repo used by jabref
* fix some exceptions caused when the download field was not filled correctly
* switch off debug mode
* format code to be more PEP8 compatible

lp:~referencer-devs/referencer/launchpad_translations 1 Development 2019-08-20 05:45:02 UTC
941. Launchpad automatic translations update.

Author: Launchpad Translations on behalf of referencer-devs
Revision Date: 2019-08-20 05:45:02 UTC

Launchpad automatic translations update.

lp:~jikokkala/referencer/fix-doilookup bug 1 Development 2015-06-15 19:35:34 UTC
939. Reduce the 4 loops generating the Doc...

Author: Janne Kokkala
Revision Date: 2015-06-15 19:29:04 UTC

Reduce the 4 loops generating the Document Properties metadata fields to 2 loops.

DOI field change signal now works even if DOI is not a required field. Fixes bug #605589 but isn't the most elegant solution.

lp:~jikokkala/referencer/contextmenu bug 1 Development 2015-06-14 15:45:37 UTC
939. Update context menu sensitivities whe...

Author: Janne Kokkala
Revision Date: 2015-06-14 15:35:05 UTC

Update context menu sensitivities when document properties dialog exits.

Fixes bug #1449707. If a file is added to an existing document in the Document Properties dialog, the "Open" option in context menu is now immediately enabled when the dialog exits.

lp:~daniel-landau/referencer/gtk3 bug 1 Development 2015-05-17 10:30:24 UTC
946. Fix python plugins

Author: Daniel Landau
Revision Date: 2015-05-17 10:30:24 UTC

Fix python plugins

lp:~khaeru/referencer/daily 1 Development 2013-05-12 10:15:26 UTC
923. Add

Author: Paul Natsuo Kishimoto
Revision Date: 2013-05-12 10:15:26 UTC


lp:~khaeru/referencer/packaging 1 Development 2013-05-10 07:43:25 UTC
7. Add libgtkmm-utils-dev, libglibmm-uti...

Author: Paul Natsuo Kishimoto
Revision Date: 2013-05-10 07:43:25 UTC

Add libgtkmm-utils-dev, libglibmm-utils-dev, wrap and sort Build-Depends

lp:~jesse-andries/referencer/referencer (Has a merge proposal) 1 Development 2013-02-28 23:02:06 UTC
919. Normalised case of the fields added t...

Author: jesse andries
Revision Date: 2013-02-28 22:50:00 UTC

Normalised case of the fields added through the document properties dialog (see comment 8 in bug 1099754). Also added a check which refuses to create a field that already exists even though there are differences in the case of the field-key. This was done to resolve the following problem: It used to be possible to create different versions (different case of the key) of the same field thus holding different values. These were then only subsequently collapsed (retaining the first appearing version of the field-key with the last appearing value) when hitting the Save button, without warning to the user.

lp:~vialick/referencer/referencer 1 Development 2013-01-30 07:02:16 UTC
918. Added ISBN lookup backend and plugin.

Author: Douglas Rees
Revision Date: 2013-01-30 06:21:46 UTC

Added ISBN lookup backend and plugin.

lp:~referencer-devs/referencer/amrlima_gio_port bug 1 Development 2011-08-26 23:32:17 UTC
876. Fixed crash when starting referencer ...

Author: António Lima
Revision Date: 2011-08-26 23:32:17 UTC

Fixed crash when starting referencer from outside the root directoty of the brach. Thanks to Dominik Kriegner

lp:~referencer-devs/referencer/matej_urbas_changes 1 Development 2011-03-21 10:36:10 UTC
854. - A very minor code cleanup (removed ...

Author: Matej Urbas
Revision Date: 2010-10-24 12:23:06 UTC

- A very minor code cleanup (removed an include in 'CaseFoldCompare.h' and changed a bit the creation of tags in 'TagList.C').

lp:~jcspray/referencer/referencer 2 Mature 2008-03-17 23:01:05 UTC Revision details not available for remote branches.
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