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bzr branch lp:qpdfview

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Milestones and releases

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Version Expected Released Summary
qpdfview 0.5.0 None not yet released First version to support Qt major versions 4 to 6.
Bugs targeted: 5 Fix Committed
qpdfview 0.4.18beta1 None 2018-11-16
qpdfview 0.4.18 None 2019-07-24 Adds support for automatic decompression. Adds support for split views.
qpdfview None 2014-07-28 Fixes a critical rendering bug.
qpdfview 0.4 None 2013-02-16 Adds support for multiple formats. Adds support for PostScript. Adds support ...
qpdfview 0.3beta3 None 2012-06-10 Beta milestone.
qpdfview 0.3beta2 None 2012-05-30 Beta milestone.
qpdfview 0.3beta1 None 2012-05-19 Beta milestone.
qpdfview 0.4.17 2016-12-25 This is an inactive milestone Fixes printing encrypted PDF documents.
qpdfview 0.4.17beta1 2016-11-20 2016-11-20 Beta milestone.
qpdfview 0.4.16 2015-11-15 2015-11-14 Fixes an incompatibility with FDo's shared MIME type database that broke open...
qpdfview 0.4.15 2015-06-07 2015-06-07 Fixes compilation with MuPDF version 1.7. Adds keeping page-relative position...
qpdfview 0.4.14 2015-02-22 2015-02-22 Adds various smaller fixes and improvements to the user interface. Adds resto...
qpdfview 0.4.14beta2 2015-02-07 2015-02-07 Beta milestone.
qpdfview 0.4.14beta1 2015-01-25 2015-01-25 Beta milestone.
qpdfview 0.4.13 2014-11-16 2014-11-16 Adds extended search dock.
qpdfview 0.4.12 2014-10-05 2014-10-04 Adds function to automatically trim empty page margins. Adds dock to improved...
qpdfview 0.4.12beta1 2014-09-21 2014-09-21 Beta milestone.
qpdfview 0.4.11 2014-07-20 2014-07-20 Adds tiled rendering. Fixes building without SQLite. Fixes a bug in the resto...
qpdfview 0.4.11beta1 2014-06-29 2014-06-29 Beta milestone.
qpdfview 0.4.10 2014-05-04 2014-05-04 Adds periodically storing persistent state. Adds opening internal links in a ...
qpdfview 0.4.9 2014-03-23 2014-03-23 Adds experimental Fitz plug-in. Adds option to switch multiple-page layouts i...
qpdfview 0.4.9beta1 2014-03-09 2014-03-09 Beta milestone.
qpdfview 0.4.8 2014-01-26 2014-01-24 Fixes building without SQLite support. Fixes a performance problem when switc...
qpdfview 0.4.8beta1 2014-01-12 2014-01-12 Beta milestone.
qpdfview 0.4.7 2013-12-01 2013-12-01 Extends bookmarks storage format to add labelled bookmarks. Extends handling ...
qpdfview 0.4.7beta1 2013-11-17 2013-11-16 Beta milestone.
qpdfview 0.4.6 2013-10-13 2013-10-13 Adds function to keep obsolete pixmaps and display them until final rendering...
qpdfview 0.4.6beta1 2013-09-29 2013-09-29 Beta milestone.
qpdfview 0.4.5 2013-09-08 2013-09-06 Fixes an error in drawing the search progress. Fixes an error preventing the ...
qpdfview 0.4.4 2013-07-28 2013-07-28 Adds tool tip showing paper size to the thumbnails view. Adds button to rever...
qpdfview 0.4.3 2013-05-26 2013-05-26 Fixes problems with shortcuts and outline view layout. Improves drawing of hi...
qpdfview 0.4.3beta1 2013-05-12 2013-05-12 Beta milestone.
qpdfview 0.4.2 2013-04-21 2013-04-21 Refactoring to improve code size and quality. Adds restoring and saving of pr...
qpdfview 0.4.2beta1 2013-04-07 2013-04-07 Beta milestone.
qpdfview 0.4.1 2013-03-24 2013-03-24 Adds per-plug-in settings. Adds configurable keyboard shortcuts. Makes color ...
qpdfview 0.4.1beta1 2013-03-10 2013-03-10 Beta milestone.
qpdfview 0.4beta1 2013-02-03 2013-02-03 Beta milestone. String freeze.
qpdfview 0.3.7 2012-12-30 2012-12-29 Adds restoring of per-file settings. Separates "Save copy" and "Save as" func...
qpdfview 0.3.7beta2 2012-12-23 2012-12-23 Beta milestone.
qpdfview 0.3.7beta1 2012-12-09 2012-12-08 Beta milestone.
qpdfview 0.3.6 2012-11-25 2012-11-25 Adds 'multiple pages' layout mode. Adds extended print options for CUPS optio...
qpdfview 0.3.6beta1 2012-11-11 2012-11-11 Beta milestone.
qpdfview 0.3.5 2012-10-14 2012-10-14 Improves compatibility with older versions of Qt and Poppler. Improves compat...
qpdfview 0.3.5beta1 2012-09-30 2012-09-29 Beta milestone.
qpdfview 0.3.4 2012-09-16 2012-09-16 Fixes a crash when highlight all is enabled and the document is refreshed. Fi...
qpdfview 0.3.3 2012-09-02 2012-09-02 Fixes some rendering artifacts, improves navigation using bookmarks and adds ...
qpdfview 0.3.3beta1 2012-08-19 2012-08-19 Beta milestone.
qpdfview 0.3.2 2012-08-05 2012-08-04 Reduces code size and complexity. Reduces memory consumption. Makes caching o...
qpdfview 0.3.2beta3 2012-07-29 2012-07-29 Beta milestone.
qpdfview 0.3.2beta2 2012-07-22 2012-07-20 Beta milestone.
qpdfview 0.3.2beta1 2012-07-15 2012-07-15 Beta milestone.
qpdfview 0.3.1 2012-07-01 2012-07-01 Bugfix milestone. License change from GPLv3 to GPLv2.
qpdfview 0.3 2012-06-24 2012-06-24 Focus on usability of the interface. Improves scaling. Improves documentation...
154 of 54 results
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