Milestones belong to a series and can be created from the series page by a project owner or series release manager.

Version Series Expected Released Summary
pastebinit 1.4.1 trunk None 2014-01-18
pastebinit 1.4 trunk None 2014-01-17
pastebinit 1.3.1 trunk None 2012-05-30
pastebinit 1.3 trunk None 2012-02-15
pastebinit 1.2 trunk None 2011-01-30
pastebinit 1.1 trunk None 2010-04-11
pastebinit 1.0 trunk None 2010-02-18
pastebinit 0.11.2 trunk None 2009-03-10 Bugfix release based on 0.11.1 fixing a typo in an xml file.
pastebinit 0.11.1 trunk None 2009-03-10
pastebinit 0.11 trunk None 2008-12-28 A lot of new pastebins have been added, translations have been updated and al...
pastebinit 0.6 trunk None 2006-12-13 The going to be uploaded Pastebinit version for Feisty
pastebinit 0.3 trunk None 2006-11-13 First public release