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Author: jng
Revision Date: 2018-09-13 14:47:11 UTC

Merged revision(s) 7669, 7679 from sandbox/adsk/4.2.Q:
Merged revision(s) 7650 from sandbox/adsk/4.2:
#947: WFS: Cannot handle type name which ends with "_".

When connecting to the following WFS url: ‚Äčhttps://services.slip.wa.gov.au/public/services/SLIP_Public_Services/Infrastructure_and_Utilities_WFS/MapServer/WFSServer?version=2.0.0, no class is found in the schema.
It is because the type name is like "AAAA_Type". Fdo XML reader will read the class name as "AAAA". But the name in feature collection is "AAAA_", which results in the error.

This submission also adds a new keyword "DefaultCRS" because some server use it in feature type definition.

Support invert-axis in WFS provider.

We have some cases that WFS server returns geometry format in (latitude, longitude). Customer wants the format can be changed to normal format (longitude, latitude). To support this, we add a 'invert-axis' functionality to WFS provider.

A new property "InvertAxis" is added to connection property dictionary. If a user wants to invert axis, he needs to set the property when opening the connection.

Two new APIs SetInvertAxis() and GetInvertAxis() are added to class FdoXmlFeatureFlags.
    /// \brief
    /// Sets whether to invert axis when getting geometry.
    /// \param invertAxis
    FDO_API virtual void SetInvertAxis(FdoBoolean invertAxis);

    /// \brief
    /// Gets whether to invert axis when getting geometry.
    /// \return
    /// Returns whether to invert axis when getting geometry
    FDO_API virtual FdoBoolean GetInvertAxis() const;

WFS provider will call SetInvertAxis() when creating its XMl feature reader. Then the property is used when parsing coordinates. If the axis need to be inverted, we swap the x,y value of the geometry. The detail is in method FdoXmlCoordinateGroup::parseCoordinates(FdoString* value, FdoBoolean invertAxis).


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