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lp:~wjaguar/mtpaint/trunk 1 Development 2021-02-06 21:26:02 UTC 2021-02-06
415. Version 3.50.05 Made mem_convert_ind...

Author: wjaguar
Revision Date: 2021-02-06 21:26:02 UTC

Version 3.50.05

Made mem_convert_indexed() more universal and used it in create_frames_ani() for exact conversion: faster, and no chance of inexact match
Reimplemented WebP loader, adding animation loader and support for color profiles
Made attempts to load animations with good frames but overlarge "screen"/"canvas" properly fail instead of crashing
Made frames beyond the first be clipped to the animation's dimensions, instead of resizing it to fit them
Restored adding ".000" to filename when loading first frame of an animation (since 3.44.07)
Fixed possible palette mixup when compositing GIF frames to RGB
Stopped GtkTreeView widgets from stealing Ctrl+N and Ctrl+P
Removed padding from GtkFlowBox holding toolbars in GTK+3
Fixed sizing of scrolledwindows with GTK_POLICY_NEVER in GTK+ 3.22 & later

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