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1554. Fix memory leak related to cached loo...

Author: Renat Akhmerov
Revision Date: 2017-02-17 12:23:39 UTC

Fix memory leak related to cached lookups

* It turned out that Mistral used a lot of memory because it
  used cached DB lookups for task executions (only task executions
  in a terminal state get cached) and the maximum size of the cache
  was too big, 20000 entries. One task execution in certain cases
  may take a lot of memory (e.g. several megabytes) so 20000 objects
  make memory footprint huge. Additionally, when a workflow completes
  we need to invalidate coresponding task executions in the cache.
  This didn't happen before this patch.
* This patch fixes the aforementioned issues by using partial
  invalidation of the cache and setting smaller cache size.
* Fixed "Starting workflow .." log statement to not print the entire
  structure of the workflow definition into the workflow log, only its
  name and input parameters
* Minor style fixes

Change-Id: I0ee300f631a4bdfa2f618c2a10048267f27b3345
Closes-bug: #1664864

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