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master 2018-09-07 01:16:01 UTC 2018-09-07
Merge #354422 from ~bladernr/maas-cert-server:fix-mirror-failure

Author: PMR
Author Date: 2018-09-07 01:16:01 UTC

Merge #354422 from ~bladernr/maas-cert-server:fix-mirror-failure

Fixed race condition where we were trying to run chown on directories and files that don't exist yet when creating a local apt mirror.
fixed bug where we were overwriting mirror.list.orig every time maniacs-setup -m was called, instead of preserving any original mirror.list file
fixed bug where we were creating a symlink called \'*\' in /var/www/html when symlinking ppa mirror directories
Fixed messaging and output.

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