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632. The file "Makefile.arm-linux" is adde...

Author: Shariq
Revision Date: 2011-10-11 10:59:32 UTC

The file "Makefile.arm-linux" is added to compile glew for ARM linux
Steps for building glew for ARM-Linux ES 2.0:

  1. export following environment variables:

   COMPILER_PATH : Path of the compiler
   INC_PATH : Include files path
   LIB_PATH : Opengl/egl/x11 library path
   ADDITIONAL_LIB_DEPENDENCY_PATH: Path for any additional dependencies of the libs.

   2. Build command :
 - To build generic(INCLUDING entry point and enums of desktop and ES OpenGL) glew for OpenGL ES 2.0 along with EGL(need to include eglew.h in application):
   make BUILD_GLEW_ES20=yes BUILD_GLEW_EGL=yes

 - To build generic glew for OpenGL ES 2.0 without EGL(need to include egl.h):
   make BUILD_GLEW_ES20=yes

 - To build glew for Desktop OpenGL(INCLUDING entry point and enums of ES)

 - To build glew for Desktop OpenGL(EXCLUDING entry point and enums of ES)
  make BUILD_NO_ES=yes

 - If needed to run using emulator on desktop kindly remove '-mfpu=vfp -mfloat-abi=softfp' from makefile.arm-linux

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