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Bazaar branches

Name Status Last Modified Last Commit
Series: trunk
1 Development 2013-05-02 01:05:40 UTC
3154. Merge pull request #3158 from minrk/a...

Author: Fernando Perez
Revision Date: 2013-05-02 01:05:40 UTC

Merge pull request #3158 from minrk/autosave

Add autosaving to the notebook, while retaining manual checkpoint creation.

Autosave will perodically save the notebook, with a default interval of two minutes. This interval is configurable, and the system will automatically back off the frequency if it detects that the save operation takes too long. This can be the case if working remotely over a slow link, so this will automatically conserve bandwidth.

The manual save operation remains available and bound to the same keys, but now it causes the creation of a separate checkpoint, which is stored in a hidden directory called `.ipynb_checkpoints`. This provides users a poor-man's version control with a single revert point and the ability to safely experiment with potentially destructive changes to a notebook without concern that the autosave operation may clobber their file on disk.

See [IPEP 15]( for details of the proposal.

Series: 0.11
bug 2 Mature 2010-05-10 04:22:27 UTC
1265. Merging Min's fixes in his -dev branch.

Author: Fernando Perez
Revision Date: 2010-05-10 04:22:27 UTC

Merging Min's fixes in his -dev branch.

Series: 0.10
bug 1 Development 2010-04-26 06:27:44 UTC
1239. Fix LineDemo class, closes https://bu...

Author: Fernando Perez
Revision Date: 2010-04-26 06:26:27 UTC

Fix LineDemo class, closes

lp:~jtaylor/ipython/ipython-mirror 1 Development 2014-09-28 21:12:24 UTC
666. bfabda65d1434a1299ed789301dfe9bf7e7c6...

Author: <>
Revision Date: 2014-09-28 21:12:24 UTC

bfabda65d1434a1299ed789301dfe9bf7e7c652c Merge pull request #6394 from minrk/repr-fail-traceback
393e70d262b8a4c3cb24de124b8d533bbe3b32b4 Merge pull request #6569 from gcporras/fix_instructions_for_installing_project_dependencies
6ee28e22e4f71d63ac76c24fcc6019ecd6732a10 handle missing 'text/plain' in displayhook
04bb1e712ab39a61adecad1153e8afee79402c66 show tracebacks for errors in formatters
ee5477092243c6994ec021dc5d98b773d99ef7f2 Don't catch repr-errors in pretty
f531f838889e08413422025292dc3f9d9b2b4bad Fixes #6561 instructions for installing dependencies on zsh/tcsh
53ec866d75bfee912bfb1b192c26bd20a1504c57 Merge pull request #6564 from rossant/iframe-height-quote-missing
c2b81db56eb02bdf6514688627f74eb53a12b8a6 Added missing quote in iframe height property.
26b04310cba08402bfcfa7cf8bebc4b19ecd776b Merge pull request #6550 from drevicko/update-parallel-magic-doc
3e3d32c8b1e5ba4cf189f34790093214fb12ffe2 added import command
6345f75ac01508f8bb830523161e99c8f07b8b11 Merge pull request #6556 from takluyver/inproc-kernel-tests-better-assets
0605687abb9013ec8190ad92300f0870b4c581d6 Merge pull request #6546 from minrk/root-no-write
1cbffd7d31b703239f96f3375ba356371df01b00 Use some more informative asserts in inprocess kernel tests
ee07fd164377d3244267699583f132131a36a4b3 run iptest in Dockerfile
9ad9bcb4c4e4d36e63e4194d85a87bf0e04185e1 Merge pull request #6549 from SylvainCorlay/some_update
2e4aa7170ade860bb347aa6d0e71b6c055e4dc82 on_atomic_change -> on_some_change
4ecb8d7b9c919a4da0c717d7f106aa39a84f3c19 Merge pull request #6545 from takluyver/msgspec-payloads-adapter
13301edbe789a4475f96420a4c454dd37039b0c8 skip test_not_writable_ipdir if I can't create a non-writable dir
93131c091ae528ff6a901d93f18a96ba6f6b83e9 Adapt msgspec v4 pager payloads to msgspec v5 format
bb8d9aa91b6d1bf2a765113d5845402c059e6969 Remove leftover text key from our own payload creation
398a03e4768fa1ce85ef38c7fc483e5155fafb81 Merge pull request #6532 from SylvainCorlay/barewidgetmodels
a9b5e413fe8b4b05e48328d4cba17f0c1932515b Merge pull request #6472 from parleur/master
26d51c1f639b06945a6c761c79b2627d15a7c30b Merge pull request #6543 from rgbkrk/base_image
d3462a1f9ed6e6c22829d3d49bcd779ce62a8d51 Set default view to None and never display widget with no view
5ee90ea20103d1095fa4538068003f3cc6c035c4 Make this a solid, minimal base image.
f2270cdf2d76a74b04eb05ab4178c72a1f4b33c9 Merge pull request #6457 from rgbkrk/docker_latest
6e279a4c74a948367b526859174ffd7d13a5b3f2 Merge pull request #6541 from takluyver/interact-examples-py3
2b88a1d5d05392951cea352e36d8dc14611d9e70 use file://$PWD#egg=ipython[all] in Dockerfile
2f82af5af9eb9d4c8c700e35a0061cd0b4ef92eb use `git status` to check if it's a repo
4ab833bfebe3d8771c8469596c9d7dcf7e4582ec Update Dockerfile
1c8df9eecdd195ce27b5d1b270d49eb9c8e99e22 Definitely don't want the direct submodule stuff
c55b0e74eff112736a00f45b1b66ac6454fcc5f2 Toss opinionated user creation out
8a35782a4003d5937e29eeb1c0c66fee71e97217 Switch back to ADD
9189d37a1a47a7e3d8f915f34219981428ebfe40 More workarounds
c1cbd09e0104e1340f0b72b49c285a065e2eab70 Permissions everywhere
d52a9d4110176bf986413dbf6fbc67856fc04cab Workaround limitations in Docker Hub
2cf0b338b6fe018b53aa079c1596add6f5db3f60 Create IPython profile with jupyter permissions
32b40945cbcb06280817a761fadfbb23843a2981 /srv/ was already created, just ensure its there
cc8b7c60ba9d6224f01de6c7a8e93983a3012575 Clone ipython/ipython directly
597f37a3d8cd7389ae163e3666150bfd5c6d2b8a Try out submodule
34b6e29bf962acb4f2f3b96a82ff6b03d313a4bf Submodule updating, comments
f36899161413a5c41866c9b641a963b39225a418 Instructions inside the Dockerfile
1c4d475248402f610b30eb3b9687735dee3d7ee2 install direct dependencies, kernels
5ee097e0ead625143e76bbfdfef789cfc877ffbd Dockerfile to track the latest master
170655b40bb83c57e81109ae052b3b6dcc96f095 Make interact example compatible with Python 3
6aee907acfafa2a1f25ff5ced59df869a9bae07b Merge pull request #6539 from minrk/kernelspec-install
7a1dfddda4fc3e31a05aba3801e7add89482924c fix typo in KernelSpec flag
3849e0a134a6f6c820fdcf72a435ec7eaea8b36f Merge pull request #6535 from Carreau/kspec-exists
36ad7b3ad585d8118a592badf2adb2269f322957 Kernelspec handle case where folder already exists
e1af768a9db6f3e17d4a0591311b39fedbd82f0e Merge pull request #6520 from minrk/comm-default
26c97f1e6ee8ef88a527331412a936bf27847eb7 register bare views
a2e1c6745b6c5c202fabe67dc3224fa8c641f893 Merge pull request #6235 from jdfreder/addclass
d7b517a6f31fe75196a7cc8003fdb8c554736928 Fix slidercolor on widget construction
50b5a7036533e03e4976b959971d1766f45d600e Address problems found in in-person review
fd20d2a3ca1897a78d2e990f59a2320357c3e8c1 Update examples, fixing bugs found in review.
a10f9b088ac92a0954b351445a2ce65be8516758 Merge pull request #6051 from chronitis/interact-widget-on-demand
4f93283d3db6449bf5430181f139e16d3d75751b Merge pull request #6529 from Carreau/marrijnhmirror
80a6dc6ef201bbccdac5a0f31db5ebd6b59b8b99 Add docs/source/whatsnew/pr/interact-manual.rst
41be799de45c7f882bb2317ca3b7eca0aebca1be Merge pull request #6522 from fperez/mailmap-fix
1a62abc5c64174bacb910ae54fb24f5a21ce6069 codemirror rempo moved, update links in comments
0d03658808bfd90d490af3f0e8ca4bd12339e0e5 Merge pull request #6526 from jdfreder/whatsnewfix
60c6851e18d7cde4c2ed04175f85917ce30d635c Added backticks to scrollmanager whatsnew
f3f0886e29c25c5793411d7b784abc4eab56aede Merge pull request #5844 from jdfreder/scrollmanager
e78e24259c56b37cbe80904c8492082c291f4e7f Merge pull request #6487 from minrk/md2md-nowrap
ec48904d434954bd61bf8d248f712b93f60e4761 fab css
bf2aa859674f4c90aaeb43fb5e55af52d025fb42 Remove forgotten hreadout
7af8581599c4612f17e5adceb64e483071d2fef8 fab css
7799fea59577a518ba6c08a8a199782926fc88ad Fix mailmap entries for @jasongrout and @SylvainCorlay
22e0a586cb028b4a6c1d11119b5aa912b67edf3a Cleaned up hbox and vbox widget div styles, removed 5px margin
90d2eed8e278f8e24d5a10ac37e138b3f02a91c5 Merge pull request #6463 from SylvainCorlay/bulk_update
f6122052fa1f48a0dcb296a4499b8715970c1cdc Merge pull request #6495 from Carreau/expandpath
3e28c1c9af00186201d1372c045462af95052753 avoid copious warnings in interact tests
2bb989169307d142632107020a35be0948536ccc state_lock loop
e5cf2e60368afd6acd9dedd513e700b5246f322b Merge pull request #6512 from Carreau/fix-6417
876158e94e902b75ab094808285fd01467f17242 s/choose/manual/g
53c63dc6502072e4fe2d3cdf5a08752637409d0f Merge pull request #6497 from SylvainCorlay/_ws_opened
c827bf5d29bb321482bcc2a0e4f0ca037646c085 Merge pull request #6514 from takluyver/atomic-writing-chflags-fix
143b71e0f3ed6ce38d68814668125f0437530856 Fix for copying metadata flags
08095edf9374e8b3926f1704e713d65b14db7dfa Merge pull request #6513 from minrk/finish-deprecating-tornado-settings
588861d5c0fe5f718c7918e9dc394b2e66dc726f Merge pull request #6453 from takluyver/atomic-save-copystat
14ea082b2ffecc9f27153345b2ec16e1fe335508 Fix typo
789bdbb25e20aef9270f3557c44280b93387ff07 actually use new tornado_settings
f39a8253f0c7e4e425ebde0c6e3e5536389f4dc4 Fix font-awesome icons in examples notebook
c306a915f853d6dac60014bcbd5760fab219f0dc Merge pull request #6448 from takluyver/kernel-context-mgr
03ed100ed1576199cb8795bb85a6eb1fa168a391 Merge pull request #6492 from takluyver/latex-batchmode
613e81b702391bdccc689302f2345c1b6e8aeec1 Merge pull request #6505 from takluyver/inputhook-api-tweak
50ab9a900d617e41ecca11093e4bed2c2bb5ac03 Move app caching into InputHookManager
b5a06dfcf81c9418a348a012ce5550e8437e05b7 Merge pull request #6496 from userzimmermann/master
7db52a7b5c5b8f2d21c773ac41e07ca0ec656396 %gui qt5
c8c43c8a7e2b8ee11c578b361be6bf792e30c0b2 Merge pull request #5666 from takluyver/inputhook-extensible
13314c3e7e8fc26cbf70b771ba5c2b7d86b81f4e Add note about function deprecations in whatsnew doc
5cac49329c1493d4c7ba9db6478dd0e03580ca87 status_started.Kernel was never triggered
c5a4f84a350bf8394c510c8997391f3c126bd580 Merge pull request #6491 from minrk/tornado_settings
05664254c1d2cb86f260c7f5ea6bc62352254886 Deprecation warnings for enable_* functions in inputhook
f1b046e723f9cc2441512e12b893792cb45ffc2c Merge pull request #6480 from minrk/origin-check-no-proto
cd136286314ec440626d1bd2cb433a4b9191a453 Merge pull request #6431 from jhamrick/input_ui_focus
2a03f583322098a91aa32ea9eec1abf19ac4240f Expand user home path in template search path.
6ff251672485170695e0aee35f9e0fc8fb78d44a Make HeadingScrollManager scroll to heading elements, not cells.
8428cce209171ddc4902015999906181c095ac83 rename to on_atomic_change
45674b8cd3ce4dd8c16043a10c7e5a915f9bbd76 Add docs about extending GUI integration
7047045243c2eb818461046c04ac9c011d3353e4 Allow registering external event loops to integrate with kernel
a71690af8e0936bb4d460729506f2a4c28d10f7c Use batchmode in latex_to_png_dvipng
e2e856edaf8bdec7ca09ff01cd19c7e600528ab1 Add module-level access to register method
d8c13f503b8e40436c75345317b36cec52788c04 Refactor inputhook to allow easy extension.
4fcf24112f53d4c9271cac445c671aa24b8e2da1 rename webapp_settings to tornado_settings
3c3af1bfd6a9ec1496a88def02bfe1b17880e025 Merge pull request #6479 from MechCoder/timeit_warning
6476f5a821d71c6138b4425d7aea79e33c052eba Add a small line to whatsnew.rst
16b768604048341369a9314e519f6b4e809cec31 allow passing extra args to pandoc filters
63c6796f18fbf9ca925a9ae575a4a8eb671be230 Merge pull request #6482 from jhamrick/clear-prompt-numbers
30e10449205763363fe8663765645796b0dc8fd5 Use cell.prompt_number rather than cell['prompt_number']
d3b2122db43196fc2b64bdfab47b40d681e179dd Set prompt number to None
a122b461bcf26865ef6e40fb19ff7872d69a7239 better log messages when rejecting cross-origin requests
b06f58d5e97754e9264a3219df91ae7c26abe962 Make the default the single page scroller.
7f045bdf921f9643cfe168245d3245a05c75e2aa Set heading scroll manager as default scroll manager.
505424b7f22a37b9cac14e7145feacf968869b6e Scroll to all heading levels <= target level.
00c2d348feab25593e8a3b0e23b206d60c320918 Added what's new
f846ae5b556ea3bf54b4e396dc09819b2bd6f7b0 Fixed dumb typo, forgot to update scrollmanager ref to scroll_manager.
e586de193bc8b8c905ee9a53a2b926e7eb375e40 Added comments clarifying scroll units
251f3ff04eba41377030a5328df26b3a170a165e options bug fix
35317c4a1189b623ba2a0b71ab32da57c98ead8e Address review comments
dc458f37073b002ad19ecd65f309abfa95c76b47 Removed ScrollManager selector combo.
ae38ca780355ce384e385746f27e9bf447561ec3 Fixed rebase indents
7356a88ba4ce6084aa8557ce574bd32b031db4ca Added heading and slideshow scroll managers
c431172a8da562cf432961938dbfc275f64bc319 Added scroll mode selector, fixed rebase conflicts.
7d0e0ec249d7420636c2d99f979df3fd682b24e7 Add ScrollManager to global ipy namespace in main.js instead of, in the bottom of the scroll manager js file.
760dd1b3502a1af9a63c0444f88545ffba2aa494 Added smooth scroll to replace std browser behavior.
81094efd462e909b37ec4296cd8cd0efc6e485b0 Fixed bug
a16ee3a39f7b62e2179a52a2bfca529eb6b90c80 Make slideshow toolbar add classes to modified cells.
0fddacf57c8fcc59224c8164329aa298667d1a96 Add scrollmanager
f51b7f634b6228e2f35c64c464406db5ffecbf1c Don't rewrap markdown input in markdown output
bb121e78450ba8e3b8e49f9fe6a6f825cf01abd2 Merge pull request #6483 from jhamrick/fix-heading-anchors
85bcb2b85401eef1aa1969849ed98802fb2296b0 Tabs->Spaces
1c959ab2a959cc10b15b2f12b1be831bc6aecb14 s/fore_color/color s/back_color/background_color
589cc4451a2091f0f1a3d3da0b38a02ea86ea531 Merge pull request #6438 from SylvainCorlay/model_destroy_message
c8a0c8636ab917c62ece7429bf435a1913978877 Better and more explicit warning message
bd759724b1231199d12a4a0ac4e5f63aa7f55f90 stop listening
e13032314adf2bb60871a679a9e56df77e58391a FIX: Zero Division Error
1a8180c1eaf868d237b2fa6d5d8a46c41dc5d335 Include "worst timings" from the tuning to find number of runs
0c47e549e53b360432cc11e0604605efdce6ad1c Trim anchor link in heading cells, fixes #6324
2466a892090d43ef519cb9289ff3a36b64789a87 Clear prompt numbers in clearoutput preprocessor
812a795605e6fe9d4ebff54d1f67aa29d82d52f2 only compare host:port in Websocket.check_origin
a30d17c61bc46c23398db08acd6122de841d7816 Warnings if there is a bias in timings due to some side-effects of the method
52079c598a5503af6e00a1f4fa42cbbf034857c1 Adding a comment and renaming on_bulk_change to on_change
3e6aaa8b7c7ce5452b0fc97e71a46168478bcd51 simplification of trigger destroy
f8754ab8b6966612e4032484e1c23f9453eaf161 Merge pull request #6437 from weichm/patch-1
d969659290caa06e9e3c576e5f7b51c26024828b Merge pull request #6377 from jasongrout/fix-widget-prefix
83210573ae9560d02d1d47f25a201919576df1cb Merge pull request #6446 from jhamrick/fix-files-writer
a34ef8a266d3c6c910f3ea63bbfdbe1b9ef36f21 Typo and presentation
82f8afedc20a3700029921f8688705a51988ac09 Modify cells converter funcs to keep metadata through
4834b7b7d7580c5fdf8766cdf30ea595712dbe52 Merge pull request #6467 from richardeverson/master
d3b9eea23a3d84e36230d6eaaa74aac915bdb3a1 Check time of last ping before timing out a missing pong.
d12e3d1bc6fa067834af64d7fb0cf99a1950b18b Destroy backbone model on comm:close
6b7faec31a7cc5bd4aa9d183cb1786daca89f33c optimization of WidgetModel.apply_update
6d48faa96af211665bbc1a06cf4e1ac3b26bc865 Added on_bulk_change method in WidgetModel
7bd04ae4c4c4f246d57f2bdb584ad6e0dbc5b1a5 Merge pull request #6461 from takluyver/pr-whatsnew-7
efd88a8da077b8c24c88ee4ae0167f8f904ca1ec Update release notes from PR additions
4e4d9c40172e3813e6b06f87a9a5e8b5a0b08405 Merge pull request #6451 from takluyver/unicode-typing-whatsnew
1e7625743c4896cdd616ec065af18dd3a0fe0cf6 Merge pull request #6460 from jasongrout/trust
76b343bd874327168fa4018bd8740e4ad9a3704c Fix several small bugs in the notebook trust framework
8132869a2cc83a53f7995e5e1c45de8ae3326fc1 Preserve symlinks in atomic writing
19e90fb3a336fd63f556289770ad1e9a1799e32f Copy file metadata in atomic save
42b1f7bfe052fdf56cefc309fb2fd4601272104d Add whatsnew entry for unicode completion
d8dfc76738dd45cb7e49efbf36e783ba4e81c525 Merge pull request #6449 from jhamrick/execute-preprocessor-prompt-numbers
b383dfc2e31a7cf2272e7564d267f3bec4c52f47 Make sure prompt numbers are actually set
7cd33e289688c04cf50efc174dbb840f29719ec3 Add test for prompt numbers
057647a08db07ae1850280daf773f4bfdfc5e2c5 Simplify ExecutePreprocessor using new context manager
e34e96ed0e7fa7f7d97fc4206880945d2d80891e Create run_kernel context manager
eb8a82fafe9b6ae05b3ccf2f788bbb55e5e8d93e Merge pull request #6445 from minrk/kernelspecs-test
bd20680ffd2ef9be4664c73070345c49aa6903de Use correct path in files writer
31358e4923b704a9756f904f8da3b721dab0993a Add test for globbing
a7c197722cf874424fb786c5ee94ce71cee61d0a handle system-wide kernelspecs
7fdd2280634476049fc957111d6e855144e3328e Merge pull request #6443 from minrk/multiline-input-transform
1009f34d9c60bee02b2a964decb24ef4a82cf095 only reset the transform once
48f15a5272451f203f836e0b9272b37608e69780 always pass single lines to transform.push
3b47a9b46a76fdf3932912062e91f795c0971711 Merge pull request #6380 from ellisonbg/latex-complete
5005f7d8b73ed9df2cfd2900d874c55d698de0b6 Merge pull request #20 from takluyver/latex-complete-docstring
29419d54659d27a52add8241b786032724a2fb16 Add docstring for latex_matches method
edc38c541b3e15be689603004a2b812f1edb7a22 Merge pull request #19 from takluyver/latex-complete-fixes
b2ea76add6bd74cd5b877e0b07593c62501a075a Remove leftover debugging
27f7469e9a897bcceadb7d3f44cf68e7d99ff77e Simplify test_ident using str.isidentifier()
69753f292c835e94d705d68043f56fa29f3b71f4 Fix typo
ec02bf59e08109a61025a8e0596c02c660b69fa3 "event" is not defined error in Firefox
cf81292bd9696841a7abac7b9831cc8bb84eceea Register input with keyboard manager, fixes #6426
a23956d28fb2ad7acc08bf32302c78533a63b7b6 Updating
a8de2ab5b33d1fac1000ae2d1f7edae9a310e689 Adding script to generate
3ec806e7a57827d82e14628598e39c555eb89f59 Adding latex_symbols.ipynb.
4be38b38c4f50ecffb876fe6b2955d3da21df5de Adding tests and limiting CM mode to python 3.
b6aafcb269925ae0780d4567c8f9e1457145e822 Adding partial latex completions.
8e3aa611ca90949463738988febcbd183c0aeaa8 Cleaning up and only doing latex completion for python 3.
678fe5fbee493b4cf6bdf318c3dd8ea324f28da5 Initial implementation of latex->unicode completer.
96894be55418cdcab1480c39e0593b650b286323 Adding regexp for unicode identifers to CM mode.
74a877ea8d04bac5333a61964e9b93aefd5c9c63 Adding autogenerated
29d011080d9695ae32b8ed4f8b3221fefb115068 Strip the IPY_MODEL_ prefix from widget IDs before referencing them.
eed241a6eeaad8341aba94b9bf363834ba503a9a Fab CSS
4b05db927277ad640941e5b4eded9991c109208c Fixed rebase bugs and other bugs.
339e1289d99b42ed7bacb02926a7d9736d7a0a79 Remove references to add/remove_class methods.
a4156457186fb8e8b66d58ce8664f3619b1391b0 Added bootstrap3 progress bar classes
579578fca9ce3f0044bdece146b9e2564d080e92 Added Bootstrap specific classes, and fixed a few bugs here and there...
5f703a093826233b9027f6adf45ae4f084ab175c Fix some bugs found by the widget examples, add margin and padding base traits, add overflow traits to box base.
0ad4ffe01c16fcfd95325994c071abdcbc200390 Updated widget examples for recent changes and, renames from earlier PRs
0bb32d6bb8e7c90b12c476be057487ad9f530b25 Fab CSS
5c7b6d998257f5a75719d06dc7bdffc907c8020c Finished style attributes.
633f8ad2296b8725e5ada890232409a646de5639 Partial implementation of styles
c3d6279f7cfdab250dae81fb0723f5ebccccb489 Initial crack at using specific traits for styling.
2c33273fb6648b94518185e48454d4ec20b9a253 Fix tests
e3aa9836aca475d75d3f56314fa696a32e475e6a Remove add/remove class methods, Remove helper set/get css methods
69f9b4c9d98d329f8bd7b6a97cd69147fa1415c4 Change from on_demand kwarg to interact_choose function
905e751b31fda588b669c1a6ae8940c0fd8677db Merge master
7b6d94efaf798fc6de68589eec3c3a92b02361c5 Initial messing around.
5e1fa18e4acedc5e3df536119816e6c8d7025c32 Add tests for the on_demand option
57b56df020c784c62959bae0f344552a5666cbd7 Disable run button until the function finishes
5d97cfcbc37246a9cc81a957ceaeb3277956ca81 Add 'on_demand' option to interact() so that long-running functions can be started only when explicitly requested

lp:~jtaylor/ipython/debian-daily 1 Development 2014-06-13 18:36:17 UTC
84. add new python-json-pointer dependency

Author: Julian Taylor
Revision Date: 2014-06-13 18:36:17 UTC

add new python-json-pointer dependency

lp:~jordens/ipython/debian-python-modules 1 Development 2013-05-05 13:55:33 UTC
339. add python as python3 test dependency...

Author: jtaylor-guest
Revision Date: 2013-05-05 13:55:33 UTC

add python as python3 test dependency, needed for IPython.utils tests

lp:~takluyver/ipython/debian-daily (Has a merge proposal) 1 Development 2013-04-17 11:10:18 UTC
41. Correction to static files path

Author: Thomas Kluyver
Revision Date: 2013-04-17 11:10:02 UTC

Correction to static files path

lp:~vcs-imports/ipython/trunk-svn 1 Development 2011-06-08 21:55:14 UTC
1587. ipy_leo: rename wb..val => wb..v, %le...

Author: vivainio
Revision Date: 2008-02-16 23:06:45 UTC

ipy_leo: rename wb..val => wb..v, %leo now opens a file in leo

lp:~duke-eml/ipython/ipython-saveappend (Has a merge proposal) 1 Development 2011-01-14 14:40:22 UTC
1370. In the magic function 'save', when th...

Author: Marmaduke Woodman
Revision Date: 2011-01-14 14:38:25 UTC

In the magic function 'save', when the file exists, instead of
overwriting, the option to append has been added.

lp:~ipython-contrib/ipython/ipython-zmq (Has a merge proposal) 1 Development 2010-05-13 05:34:27 UTC
1242. -> Corrections in namespacing, using ...

Author: Omar Andres Zapata Mesa
Revision Date: 2010-05-13 05:34:27 UTC

-> Corrections in namespacing, using pep8 instead camel case.
-> Implemented send and recieve in ipzmq but it have some errors
-> I started to write ipkernelzmq but it is not functional yet.

lp:~fdo.perez/ipython/trunk-dev bug(Has a merge proposal) 1 Development 2010-04-15 00:47:00 UTC
1350. Merging with upstream

Author: Fernando Perez
Revision Date: 2010-04-15 00:47:00 UTC

Merging with upstream

lp:~tfetherston/ipython/demoFixes 1 Development 2010-03-16 14:18:52 UTC
1233. fixed erroneous print statement.

Author: Tom Fetherston
Revision Date: 2010-03-16 12:09:46 UTC

fixed erroneous print statement.

lp:~tfetherston/ipython/11demoFixes 1 Development 2010-03-16 03:13:01 UTC This branch has not been pushed to yet.
lp:~davclark/ipython/traits-rename 1 Development 2010-03-12 23:02:18 UTC This branch has not been pushed to yet.
lp:~nipy-developers/ipython/traits-rename 1 Development 2010-03-12 23:01:00 UTC
1225. Added changes from ~fdo.perez/ipython...

Author: Dav Clark
Revision Date: 2010-03-12 23:01:00 UTC

Added changes from ~fdo.perez/ipython/trunk-dev

lp:~ipython-dev/ipython/ipython09-legacymaint bug 1 Development 2010-01-25 13:36:15 UTC
1158. restore _prompt_title functionality (...

Author: Ville M. Vainio
Revision Date: 2010-01-25 13:36:15 UTC

restore _prompt_title functionality (it had got lost in a gigantic merge back at rev 990)

lp:~ipython-dev/ipython/kernel-config (Has a merge proposal) 1 Development 2010-01-08 19:00:42 UTC
1274. Merging upstream changes.

Author: Brian Granger
Revision Date: 2010-01-08 19:00:42 UTC

Merging upstream changes.

lp:~kiorky/ipython/ipython-readline (Has a merge proposal) 1 Development 2009-10-05 20:36:02 UTC
1217. oups, stderr and stdin need to be res...

Author: Mathieu PASQUET
Revision Date: 2009-10-05 20:36:02 UTC

oups, stderr and stdin need to be restored as well

lp:~laurent-dufrechou/ipython/ipython-0.10-trunkdev 1 Development 2009-09-13 18:18:55 UTC
1211. changed wxIpython to revision number ...

Author: Laurent Dufrechou
Revision Date: 2009-09-13 18:18:55 UTC

changed wxIpython to revision number to 0.10

lp:~ipython-dev/ipython/0.10 2 Mature 2009-08-05 06:59:51 UTC
1208. Final rev number and tag update for 0...

Author: Fernando Perez
Revision Date: 2009-08-05 00:39:03 UTC

Final rev number and tag update for 0.10 release.

lp:~ipython-dev/ipython/ipythondistarray 1 Development 2009-06-30 19:49:23 UTC
38. First draft of DistArrayProxy for a n...

Author: Brian Granger
Revision Date: 2009-06-11 20:15:25 UTC

First draft of DistArrayProxy for a nicer client experience.

lp:~villemvainio/ipython/trunk-dev (Has a merge proposal) 1 Development 2009-06-10 16:51:13 UTC
1163. merge from trunk

Author: Ville M. Vainio
Revision Date: 2009-06-10 16:51:13 UTC

merge from trunk

lp:~pivanov/ipython/devel 1 Development 2009-05-13 00:08:49 UTC
1175. Improved Vim integration (running a v...

Author: Paul Ivanov
Revision Date: 2009-05-13 00:08:49 UTC

Improved Vim integration (running a visual selection in ipython, setting breakpoints, etc)

F5 : still does a %run as before
Shift-F5 : sends current line to IPython
Ctrl-F5 : toggle weather to auto-run current file on every write (was F7)
F6 : add a breakpoint at current line
Shift-F6 : remove the breakpoint at current line
Ctrl-F6 : toggle %pdb on and off
F7 : run the current file through pdb (stopping at the breakpoints)
Shift-F7 : clear ALL breakpoints
F9 : sends the current visual selection to IPython
Shift-F9 : toggle reselecting the visual selection after sending it

Note that, as of write now - before you can do any of the debugging stuff, you
need to have invoked pdb at least once, so do something like a 1/0 to start it.
Otherwise, you'll get stuff like:
    AttributeError: 'NoneType' object has no attribute 'set_break'
    AttributeError: 'NoneType' object has no attribute 'run'

This is because I'm accessing pdb using __IP.InteractiveTB.pdb, which only gets
set after a debug call is made.

lp:~pierre-raybaut/ipython/qt_frontend 1 Development 2009-04-20 20:44:55 UTC This branch has not been pushed to yet.
lp:~jorgen-stenarson/ipython/ipython-bug-315392 bug(Has a merge proposal) 1 Development 2009-04-16 17:42:09 UTC
1168. Fix for #315392. Crash on win32 when ...

Author: Jörgen Stenarson
Revision Date: 2009-04-16 17:37:40 UTC

Fix for #315392. Crash on win32 when using pyreadline+python2.4.

lp:~ipython-dev/ipython/ipython-extensions 0 Experimental 2009-04-15 09:20:19 UTC
47. add greedycompleter from my trunk-dev

Author: Ville M. Vainio
Revision Date: 2009-04-15 09:20:19 UTC

add greedycompleter from my trunk-dev

lp:~samjam86/ipython/enhance 1 Development 2009-04-12 07:41:20 UTC
1164. Removed extra line from README.txt

Author: Samkit
Revision Date: 2009-04-12 07:41:20 UTC

Removed extra line from README.txt

lp:~ipython-dev/ipython/ipython-daemon (Has a merge proposal) 0 Experimental 2009-04-04 23:00:03 UTC
1061. merged upstream

Author: Benjamin Ragan-Kelley
Revision Date: 2009-04-04 23:00:03 UTC

merged upstream

lp:~jorgen-stenarson/ipython/ipython-genutils-tests 1 Development 2009-03-18 19:46:57 UTC
1163. removed a print debug statement

Author: Jörgen Stenarson
Revision Date: 2009-03-18 19:46:57 UTC

removed a print debug statement

lp:~villemvainio/ipython/ip-sets-warn (Has a merge proposal) 2 Mature 2008-12-19 15:17:42 UTC
1153. Applied Horst Gutmann's patch to fix ...

Author: Ville M. Vainio
Revision Date: 2008-12-19 15:15:10 UTC

Applied Horst Gutmann's patch to fix deprecationwarning about sets in py 2.6. Tested w/ 2.4,2.5,2.6

lp:~villemvainio/ipython/ipython-qt-ui 0 Experimental 2008-12-02 18:47:42 UTC
20. clean up imports

Author: Ville M. Vainio
Revision Date: 2008-12-02 18:47:42 UTC

clean up imports

lp:~ellisonbg/ipython/textmate-server 0 Experimental 2008-11-28 23:52:08 UTC
1152. Added a new Twisted based IPython ser...

Author: Brian Granger
Revision Date: 2008-11-28 23:44:44 UTC

Added a new Twisted based IPython server for use with TextMate.

lp:~villemvainio/ipython/ipyrender-linuxfix (Has a merge proposal) 1 Development 2008-11-23 18:25:44 UTC
1159. only warn once

Author: Ville M. Vainio
Revision Date: 2008-11-23 18:19:59 UTC

only warn once

lp:~barrywark/ipython/ipython-frontend 1 Development 2008-11-20 17:09:20 UTC
1156. merged from trunk

Author: Barry Wark
Revision Date: 2008-11-20 17:09:20 UTC

merged from trunk

lp:~barrywark/ipython/frontend (Has a merge proposal) 1 Development 2008-10-30 04:32:18 UTC
1154. AsyncFrontEndBase uses pprint.pprint ...

Author: Barry Wark
Revision Date: 2008-10-29 19:50:00 UTC

AsyncFrontEndBase uses pprint.pprint to render results and errors.

Also deleted cocoa_frontend code, in prep for incorporating new NotebookView

lp:~vivian-vdesmedt/ipython/synchronize-editor (Has a merge proposal) 2 Mature 2008-09-05 16:49:13 UTC
1136. merge from trunk

Author: vds
Revision Date: 2008-09-05 16:42:37 UTC

merge from trunk

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