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lp:~vcs-imports/ipfire/ipfire-2.x 1 Development 2023-10-02 19:15:43 UTC
11804. extrahd.cgi: Add support for LVM and ...

Author: Stefan Schantl
Revision Date: 2023-10-02 19:15:43 UTC

extrahd.cgi: Add support for LVM and MDADM devices

This commit adds support for using LVM and mdadm based RAID devices
for the CGI page.

In case one or more drives/partitions are used by such a "grouped"
volume they still will displayed on the page, but can not be
configured/used. Instead the "master" volume of which the
drive/partition is part of is shown in the "mountpoint" input box.

Signed-off-by: Stefan Schantl <>
Signed-off-by: Michael Tremer <>

lp:~vcs-imports/ipfire/ipfire-3.x 1 Development 2010-11-04 11:54:16 UTC
3527. net-tools: New package. Originally c...

Author: Michael Tremer
Revision Date: 2010-11-04 11:54:16 UTC

net-tools: New package.

Originally created by Stefan Schantl.

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