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lp:~csurbhi/initramfs-tools/event-driven 1 Development 2011-07-15 17:03:24 UTC
245. * Updated the upstart jobs in the eve...

Author: Surbhi Palande
Revision Date: 2011-07-15 17:03:24 UTC

* Updated the upstart jobs in the event-driven folder. These are not final
  yet. But should work. In general, when a root device changes, the /etc/fstab
  should be updated for now as mountall starts only in place of local. So you
  cant use the mntctl change-mount-device option before that. So following is
  a. Read the conf.d to read the changed root. Modify create-fstab script to
     read the changed root from here.
* Updated an upstart job to exit when root device is mounted.
* Added the changes to mkinitramfs and update-initramfs

lp:~csurbhi/initramfs-tools/event-driven.rough 1 Development 2011-04-13 15:38:30 UTC
230. In natty mountall should have the tim...

Author: Surbhi Palande
Revision Date: 2011-04-13 15:38:30 UTC

In natty mountall should have the timeout support

lp:~dave-martin-arm/initramfs-tools/initramfs-tools-fixrtc bug 1 Development 2010-04-23 11:52:10 UTC
183. Extended the fixrtc script to underst...

Author: Dave Martin
Revision Date: 2010-04-23 11:45:38 UTC

Extended the fixrtc script to understand root=<dev> and root=LABEL=<label>
Minor sanity-check fixes.

lp:~ogra/initramfs-tools/initramfs-tools-fixrtc bug 1 Development 2010-04-23 08:12:53 UTC
182. add fixrtc cmdline option to work aro...

Author: Oliver Grawert
Revision Date: 2010-04-23 08:09:37 UTC

add fixrtc cmdline option to work around endless reboots on systems with broken system clock and no battery

lp:~sarvatt/initramfs-tools/xforcevesa 1 Development 2010-03-16 18:05:10 UTC
163. hook-functions: Cope with partitions ...

Author: Colin Watson
Revision Date: 2010-03-16 17:26:08 UTC

hook-functions: Cope with partitions over 9 (LP: #539577).

lp:~sarvatt/initramfs-tools/working 1 Development 2010-03-14 17:30:57 UTC
163. scripts/init-top/blacklist: Add nonou...

Author: Robert Hooker
Revision Date: 2010-03-14 17:29:27 UTC

scripts/init-top/blacklist: Add nonouveau boot parameter to blacklist
nouveau kernel module which will allow vesa/nv/nvidia to be used
temporarily for troubleshooting purposes.

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