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bzr branch lp:imaginario

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Bazaar branches

Name Status Last Modified Last Commit
Series: trunk
1 Development 2020-03-15 14:43:58 UTC 2020-03-15
948. Tests: fix build with g++8 and later:...

Author: Alberto Mardegan
Revision Date: 2020-03-15 14:43:58 UTC

Tests: fix build with g++8 and later:

It's still not clear to me what is wrong with the code. The errors were

    tst_icon_thumbnailer.cpp: In member function ‘void IconThumbnailerTest::createImage(const QString&, const QSize&)’:
    tst_icon_thumbnailer.cpp:80:22: error: taking address of temporary array

lp:~mardy/imaginario/packaging 1 Development 2019-12-08 14:48:32 UTC 2019-12-08
16. Depend on opencv-dev (it's the packag...

Author: Alberto Mardegan
Revision Date: 2019-12-08 14:48:32 UTC

Depend on opencv-dev (it's the package providing the pkg-config file)

lp:~mardy/imaginario/trusty 1 Development 2016-03-26 08:45:12 UTC 2016-03-26
24. Remove debugging

Author: Alberto Mardegan
Revision Date: 2016-03-26 08:45:12 UTC

Remove debugging

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