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1 Development 2020-06-18 09:31:43 UTC 2020-06-18
39. Minor changes in the main code. This ...

Author: Tomio
Revision Date: 2020-06-18 09:31:43 UTC

Minor changes in the main code.
This version contains several example scripts for image processing, relying on this package and the BatchAnalyzer for some I/O, e.g. simple reporting and data dumping to text files.

Circl-analysis is to detect circles in fluorescence images by finding the negative patches within.

Gauss-edge is to use an asymmetric, rotated Gaussian kernel to detect lines or edges in images, for improved orientation statistics. For those, who need it, the structure tensor method is also available in the ImageP package, so one can play around with these for edge detection, etc.

RadialProfileAnalysis is a simple tool to detect point distribution by distance from the center of mass. Naturally, after some background correction, potential dynamic range compression with a power law tranformation and thresholding. It was originally meant for statistics of neuron images with explants in the middle.

The current GaussKernel based filters use non-zero padding at the image edges decreasong the high intensity frames there. Naturally, this is a bit different artefact replacing a common one. The assumption is here that the intensity is not zero outside of the image, but the same as the last pixel. This works only for filters which can be run in 1D.

Display got some changes too to catch up with the development of matplotlib. It should handle now the figure objects a bit better. Allowing for overplotting information easier.

Further details are in the DevelopmentNotes.txt file.

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