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Series: 1.0
2 Mature 2018-06-08 21:27:06 UTC
629. Python 3 Compatibility, Adding new pl...

Author: Steve
Revision Date: 2018-06-08 21:27:06 UTC

Python 3 Compatibility, Adding new plugins (#186)

* add mariabackup

Author: holland

* Correct docs for valid stream types

* WIP: mongodump command

* MongoDB plugin

* Save mongodump stderr to mongodump.log

* Implementing compression

* Minimal documentation

* Added option to copy datadir instead of tar for LVM snapshots.

* 2to3 and get mysqldump plugin working

* Update version number to 1.1.0

* Add fix for

* tested xtrabackups, confirmed lib lvm isn't work so added debugging

* mysql_lvm backups work now, but getting trash in the logs
Calling <holland.backup.mysql_lvm.actions.mysql.lock.FlushAndLockMySQLAction object at 0x7fb46d244b70>

* Remove extra debug line

* Add compatibility libs, and get code working on pythong 2.6

* Remove tabs, improve error handling for stop-slave in mysqldump

* Fix to for mk-config

* Fix decoding issue on python2.7

* Holland was exiting cleanly without creating a backup, if stop-slave was yes and slave wasn't running.
Holland will now continue with the backup

* Remove tab from, make import explicitly import frpm local

* remove tabs

* Update ConfigObj version in README

* Pull read meta data correctly from PKG-INFO in python3

* Fix bugs that broke error handling, and prevented dry-run from working in mysqldump plugin

* fix bug that prevented dry-run from print debug information correctly

* Updates to get dry-run working on EL6

* Last commit broke python3, write bytes in python2 and strings in python3

* Remove maatkit from active plugin list

* Remove mysqlhostcopy from ACTIVE list as it wasn't working in master branch
mysqlhotcopy plugin is mostly working, but the file encoding issue isn't completely solved.

* Update changelog

* Add logging format option

* Print xtrabackup version

* Add compatibility lib

* Update MySQL so bin-log-position work even if stop-slave isn't enabled
Integrate GH pull request 164

* remove tab

* Add mariabackup from

* update spec and add compatibility lib

* Fix issue with compression after moving to Python3

* Update spec and CHANGES file

* Update spec and copyright date

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