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Name Status Last Modified Last Commit
Series: trunk
1 Development 2012-03-16 16:16:17 UTC
11064. Merge branch 'ab/perl-i18n' * ab/per...

Author: Junio C Hamano
Revision Date: 2012-03-16 16:16:17 UTC

Merge branch 'ab/perl-i18n'

* ab/perl-i18n:
  perl/Makefile: install Git::I18N under NO_PERL_MAKEMAKER
  Git::I18N: compatibility with perl <5.8.3

lp:~dgadomski/git/git 1 Development 2013-09-13 09:39:29 UTC
12700. Sync with maint for l10n updates * m...

Author: Junio C Hamano
Revision Date: 2013-09-12 21:53:47 UTC

Sync with maint for l10n updates

* maint:
  l10n: de.po: use "das Tag" instead of "der Tag"

lp:~dgadomski/git/git-packaging 1 Development 2013-09-12 19:08:37 UTC
1. Repo init.

Author: Dariusz Gadomski
Revision Date: 2013-09-12 19:08:12 UTC

Repo init.

lp:~kendfinger-deactivatedaccount/git/trunk 1 Development 2012-10-17 17:39:44 UTC
11652. Git 1.8.0-rc3 Signed-off-by: Junio C...

Author: Junio C Hamano
Revision Date: 2012-10-17 17:39:44 UTC

Git 1.8.0-rc3

Signed-off-by: Junio C Hamano <>

lp:~kendfinger-deactivatedaccount/git/debian 1 Development 2012-05-12 14:44:45 UTC
1. Initial Commit of Git debian branch.

Author: Kenneth Endfinger
Revision Date: 2012-05-12 14:43:59 UTC

Initial Commit of Git debian branch.

lp:~vcs-imports/git/fe-fixes 1 Development 2011-10-31 10:55:36 UTC
10516. setup_revisions: remember whether a r...

Author: Johannes
Revision Date: 2011-08-25 00:02:42 UTC

setup_revisions: remember whether a ref was positive or not

This will be required by fast-export, when no commits were
exported, but the refs should be set, of course.

Signed-off-by: Johannes Schindelin <>
Signed-off-by: Sverre Rabbelier <>

lp:~vcs-imports/git/sverre 1 Development 2010-12-16 21:21:22 UTC
9875. add git-remote-hg

Author: Sverre Rabbelier
Revision Date: 2010-12-16 21:21:22 UTC

add git-remote-hg

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