egit hosts its code at

You can learn more at the project's web page.

Launchpad imports the master branch and you can create branches from it.

You can browse the source code for the development focus branch or get a copy of the branch using the command:
bzr branch lp:egit

egit has 1 active branch owned by 1 team. There were 35 commits by 6 people in the last month.

Bazaar branches

Name Status Last Modified Last Commit
Series: trunk
1 Development 2018-10-08 18:12:35 UTC 2018-10-08
4021. Have separate test sources There are...

Author: Michael Keppler
Revision Date: 2018-10-08 18:12:35 UTC

Have separate test sources

There are no functional changes in the IDE, except for test source
folders having a different icon color.

Bug: 539933
Change-Id: If190168072caedc23e398c8061adbaf0cbcc4168
Signed-off-by: Michael Keppler <>

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You can't create new branches for egit.