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Bazaar branches

Name Status Last Modified Last Commit
Series: trunk
1 Development 2020-02-04 00:06:19 UTC
1601. Drop Python 2 support: Obsolete futur...

Author: Tobias Gruetzmacher
Revision Date: 2020-02-04 00:06:19 UTC

Drop Python 2 support: Obsolete future statements

lp:~bleedingheart/dosage/bleedingheart bug 1 Development 2012-04-15 01:59:57 UTC
722. Fixed XKCD

Author: Ged Walsh
Revision Date: 2012-04-15 01:59:57 UTC

Fixed XKCD

lp:~froztbyte/dosage/841809-comics-searching bug(Has a merge proposal) 1 Development 2011-09-05 13:32:22 UTC
614. patch for #841809 - support searching...

Author: JP Viljoen
Revision Date: 2011-09-05 13:30:42 UTC

patch for #841809 - support searching comics

lp:~v-shankar/dosage/added-comics 1 Development 2011-07-09 00:51:56 UTC
613. Ensured every comic listed on the Kee...

Author: Vinothan Shankar
Revision Date: 2011-07-09 00:49:22 UTC

Ensured every comic listed on the Keenspot front page is in the Keenspot plugin

This is barring +EV - I'm checking the best way to add that one. Note also
that several others with ! ending the title have had that dropped (Adventurers!
Yirmumah!, You Damn Kid!).

lp:~gault-drakkor/dosage/cookieAware bug 0 Experimental 2011-04-20 06:01:20 UTC
613. patches to allow for dosage to be coo...

Author: Gault Drakkor
Revision Date: 2011-04-20 06:01:20 UTC

patches to allow for dosage to be cookie aware

lp:~stuart-lumgair/dosage/stuarts_plugins bug(Has a merge proposal) 1 Development 2010-08-11 07:11:45 UTC
630. Repair SlightlyDamned

Author: Stuart I. Lumgair
Revision Date: 2010-08-11 07:11:45 UTC

Repair SlightlyDamned

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