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lp:debian/wheezy/abinit 1 Development 2011-02-13 08:29:14 UTC 2011-02-13
3. * Add XS-DM-Upload-Allowed: yes * shi...

Author: Ondrej Certik
Revision Date: 2008-02-05 14:09:20 UTC

* Add XS-DM-Upload-Allowed: yes
* shifted Build-Depends to use the new gfortran based Lapack and Blas
  packages in order to phase out packages dependent on the old g2c/g77
  (Closes: #463942)
* Homepage field converted to the new style
* Standards version updated to 3.7.3
* Old FSF address fixed in debian/copyright
* abinit-doc moved to the section doc.
* doc/ patch moved to debian/patches managed by quilt

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