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lp:debian/squeeze/sbuild 1 Development 2010-12-31 14:18:18 UTC
11. * Backport needed changes from unstab...

Author: Roger Leigh
Revision Date: 2010-12-31 14:18:18 UTC

* Backport needed changes from unstable. All changes are
  cherry-picked from git master.
* dpkg-source v3 support:
  - ba54dd62: Sbuild::Build: Remove DSC filename assumptions breaking
              new source formats.
    Improve dpkg-source v3 source format handling. Don't hard-code
    assumptions about how the source files are named
    (Closes: #559533).
  - 7594a18c: Sbuild::Build: Don't use '-sn' with
              'dpkg-buildpackage -x'.
    '-sn' is not supported by new source formats (Closes: #583337).
* schroot 1.4 support:
  - 3426a619: Sbuild::ChrootInfoSchroot: Add find function which
              copes with chroot namespaces
  - bf2873f3: Sbuild::ChrootInfoSchroot: Parse chroot namespaces
  - 6daaf332: Sbuild::ChrootInfo: Add support for namespaces
  - 88f049b8: Sbuild::ChrootInfo: Support namespaces properly with
  - 3531b5f6: Fix regression when passing source:<distribution> as
              CHROOT for sbuild-update and friends
  These changes add support for schroot 1.4 namespaces ('chroot',
  'source' and 'session').
* 25nssdatabases comment handling from unstable:
  - 860529f8: etc/25nssdatabases: Update from schroot 20nssdatabases
  This allows the setup scripts to work with schroot 1.4 nssdatabases
  files containing comments.
* sbuild-createchroot schroot 1.4 compatibility:
  - d61a6551: sbuild-createchroot: Fix abs_path and remove deprecated
  - fcfea251: sbuild-createchroot: Document need for abs_path
  - e0583348: bin/sbuild-createchroot: fix the schroot template
  - 61deae6f: sbuild-createchroot: Fix permissions of chroot and
  These changes allow sbuild-createchroot to create schroot
  configurations compatible with schroot 1.4, and with correct
  permissions on the chroot directory and schroot configuration.

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