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lp:debian/devscripts bug 1 Development 2015-10-05 21:00:08 UTC
75. [ Joachim Breitner ] * mk-origtargz: ...

Author: James McCoy
Revision Date: 2015-10-05 21:00:08 UTC

[ Joachim Breitner ]
* mk-origtargz:
  + Work around tar --delete not working unless piping. This should
    make the support for Excluded-Files more reliable.
    Thanks to Felix Natter for identifying the problem and solution.
* debcommit:
  + Detect git repositories even if .git is a file instead of a directory,
    as it can be the case with "git worktree" worktrees.
* origtargz: Call rm -rf with "--", so that files starting with - are not
  considered arguments by rm.

[ James McCoy ]
* bts:
  + Add reference to pts-subscribe(1) in bts(1). (Closes: #794689)
* tagpending:
  + Fix warning when there are no fixed bugs in the changelog. (Closes:
  + Avoid querying the BTS when there are no bugs closed in the changelog.
* mergechanges:
  + Add -S/--source argument to skip all binary packages. Thanks to Ansgar
    Burchardt for the patch. (Closes: #795573)
* debchange:
  + Only emit "no orig tarball" for non-native packages. (Closes: #797018)
* debcheckout:
  + Clarify documentation of -f option. Thanks to Daniel Shahaf for the
    patch! (Closes: #797265)
* annotate-output:
  + Optimize the case of FORMAT not containing any date format codes.
    Thanks to Stefan Fritsch for the patch. (Closes: #799553)
* build-rdeps:
  + Avoid recursing into apt's lists directory. Only the top-level files
    are interesting and this avoids a “Permission denied” warning with apt
    versions that restrict access to the lists/partial directory. Thanks to
    James Cowgill for the patch. (Closes: #798252)
* wrap-and-sort:
  + Avoid modifying an empty file. Thanks to Chris Lamb for the patch.
    (Closes: #789579)
* dd-list:
  + Omit information from stanzas with “Extra-Source-Only: yes”.
  + Use only the information from the most recent version of a package
    within each sources file. (Closes: #788820)
  + Enable reading sources data from gz or bzip2 compressed files. If the
    --dctrl switch is being used, the -z switch is needed to enabled
     decompression. Compressed files specified with the -s switch will
     automatically be handled if using a .gz/.bz2 extension.

[ Dominique Dumont ]
* licensecheck:
  * added --text option to avoid scanning binary files (Closes: #797562)
  * use 'file' command to decide whether to scan a file or
    not (instead of testing file suffix)
  * remove trailing '#' from © information
  * store only first © block to avoid duplicated information
  * remove '\' from © information (useful for nroff files)

[ Adam D. Barratt ]
* getbuildlog:
  + Stop downloading logs from debian-ports explicitly, now that it has
    been merged into and downloading from both locations
    causes duplicate downloads. (Closes: #796506)

[ Dmitry Shachnev ]
* uscan: Use https protocol for redirector, now that it
  is available. (Closes: #796880)

[ Osamu Aoki ]
* uscan:
  + Ensure the version field in the watch line is defined, rather than
    "true" before using it in a comparison. The enables the use of 0 as a
    value for the version. (Closes: #796984)

[ Gunnar Wolf ]
* debchange:
  + Allow the current preferred security upload targets
    (wheezy|jessie|stretch)-security instead of their changing
    counterparts (oldstable|stable|testing)-security (Closes: #797084)

[ Antonio Terceiro ]
* chdist:
  + Add support for running apt-file
* debian/lintian-overrides: remove overrides for false positives that had
  been fixed in lintian

[ Christoph Berg ]
* debcheckout: Add auth mapping for git://

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