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6. * This is a backport of 0.46-5 for le...

Author: wolfi
Revision Date: 2009-01-01 18:12:02 UTC

* This is a backport of 0.46-5 for lenny. The backport is necessary due to
  the cairomm issue explained by Charles Plessy below for 0.46-2.lenny1.
* upload sponsored by Guido Guenther <>

Changes to 0.46-2.lenny1:
* Include patch by Thomas Viehmann, which fixes a crash with pdf import in
  some cases (Closes: #510234).
* Fix lintian warning: menu-item-uses-apps-section (Closes: #508692).
* Add debian/watch file (Closes: #508690).
* Add support in bash completion file for jpeg, svgz, and pdf
  (Closes: #428226).
* Add patch to give back LaTeX formula rendering option
  (Closes: #464154, #506285).
* Thanks Salvatore Bonaccorso for his patches :-)
* Add patch by Martin Michlmayr <> to make inkscape compile
  with gcc 4.4 (Closes: #505660)
* Suggest python-uniconvertor and add patch by Andreas Wenning to use it in
  the .cdr input plugin instead of the old uniconv (Closes: #471109, #506217).
* Suggest libgnomevfs2-extra which is needed to make
  "Import From Open Clip Art Library" work (Closes: #496785).
* Suggest libsvg-perl , as the txt2svg extension needs it (Closes: #504469).

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