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lp:debian/lenny/debconf 2 Mature 2009-12-05 06:51:20 UTC
26. [ Joey Hess ] * debconf(7): Clarify r...

Author: Colin Watson
Revision Date: 2008-10-12 18:07:17 UTC

[ Joey Hess ]
* debconf(7): Clarify reason for libterm-readline-gnu-perl being recommended
  for users of readline frontend. Closes: #497357

[ Manpages translations ]
* Updated german man page translation. Closes: #492370
* German proofread by Helge Kreutzmann. Copyright fixed to include
  Florian Rehnisch
* Corrected French manpages translation wrt "interactive".
  Closes: #496555

[ Debconf translations ]
* Hindi updated.
* Greek updated. Closes: #498580

[ Programs translations ]
* Hindi updated.
* Greek updated. Closes: #498577

[ Joey Hess ]
* debconf.7: Remove whitespace in manrefs. Closes: #498446

[ Colin Watson ]
* Fall back to untranslated fields if asking explicitly for any
  nonexistent translated field, not just Choices-C. For example, asking
  for Choices-en.UTF-8 should fall back to Choices if Choices-en.UTF-8
  doesn't exist. LP: #271652
* Remove some dead code in Debconf::Template::AUTOLOAD.
* Add an AUTHOR section to debconf-escape(1) to make the German po4a
  translations work better.
* Add missing =back to debconf-apt-progress(1)'s OPTIONS section.
* Use =head1 in German POD addendum, not =HEAD1. Together with switching
  output to UTF-8 (below), this fixes various problems with German manual
  page output. Closes: #492368
* Recode all manual pages to UTF-8 and re-enable Russian manual page
  generation, now that pod2man has a --utf8 option. Requires perl (>=
  5.10.0-16) as bug #500210 broke the Russian pages. Closes: #485756

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