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lp:debian/jessie/sbuild 1 Development 2013-05-17 23:06:13 UTC
32. [ Thorsten Glaser ] * Apply patch fro...

Author: Roger Leigh
Revision Date: 2013-05-17 23:06:13 UTC

[ Thorsten Glaser ]
* Apply patch from Arnaud Patard to fix the uploader (Closes: #636477).
* Make sample configuration entries actually work (Closes: #696840).
* Avoid using undef as HASH reference (Closes: #696841).

[ Philipp Kern ]
* Forward port patches from the buildd-0.61.0 branch:
  - Buildd::Client: Don't change the cwd.
  - Buildd: Fix SSH control master restart.

[ Roger Leigh ]
* New release.
* Upgrade to Standards-Version 3.9.4 (no changes).
* buildd:
  - Remove duplicate stop action from init script (Closes: #695513).
  - Failure count before sleeping is configurable with
    MAX_SBUILD_FAILS (Closes: #693790).
  - buildd.init specifies correct Required-Stop dependencies.
  - Remove empty preinst script.
* sbuild:
  - Cross build-dependency installation failure throws an
    exception (Closes: #693788).
  - In Sbuild::ResolverBase, pass the correct options to deps_parse
    for cross-building and foo:native build dependencies
    (Closes: #697298). Thanks to Colin Watson for this patch.
  - In Sbuild::Build::copy_to_chroot, remove stray exit() which could
    cause sbuild to hang with a "Failed to copy" error
    (Closes: #699903). Thanks to Stephan Sürken for this patch.
  - Compute changes path correctly, to allow “--debbuildopt=-A” to
    work correctly with _all.changes (Closes: #686509). Thanks to
    Daniel Dehennin for the original version of this patch.
  - Run lintian from inside the chroot (Closes: #626361). Thanks to
    Reinhard Tartler for this patch.

[ Colin Watson ]
* sbuild:
  - Resolve cross-build-dependencies from package being built rather than
    from current apt sources (Closes: #695203).
* buildd:
  - Reset sbuild failure count after sleeping.

[ Adam Conrad ]
* sbuild:
  - Improve cross chroot detection to look for $dist-$build-$host as a
    valid chroot for cross-build to avoid namespace clashes with native
    chroots, and document this better in the manpage (Closes: #695273)

[ Geoffrey Thomas ]
* sbuild:
  - When creating a changelog entry for binNMUs or
    --append-to-version, tag it with "binary-only=yes" so that
    dpkg-gencontrol uses the previous changelog entry for the source
    version (Closes: #672711, #681292).

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