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lp:debian/experimental/gcc-4.5 bug 1 Development 2011-02-16 15:29:26 UTC
35. * Update to SVN 20110215 (r170181) fr...

Author: Matthias Klose
Revision Date: 2011-02-16 15:29:26 UTC

* Update to SVN 20110215 (r170181) from the gcc-4_5-branch.
  - Fix PR rtl-optimization/44469, PR tree-optimization/47411,
    PR bootstrap/44699, PR target/44392, PR fortran/47331, PR fortran/47448,
    PR pch/14940, PR rtl-optimization/47166, PR target/47272, PR target/47580,
    PR tree-optimization/47541, PR target/44606, PR boehm-gc/34544,
    PR fortran/47569, PR libstdc++/47709, PR libstdc++/46914, PR libffi/46661.
* Update the Linaro support to the 4.5 2011.02-0 release.
* Pass --no-add-needed by default to the linker. See, section "Not resolving symbols
  in indirect dependent shared libraries" for more information.

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