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lp:debian/experimental/apache2 1 Development 2012-05-28 17:36:03 UTC
56. [ Stefan Fritsch ] * Explicitly enabl...

Author: Arno Töll
Revision Date: 2012-05-28 17:36:03 UTC

[ Stefan Fritsch ]
* Explicitly enable mod_authz_core on upgrades. It can happen that it is
  not pulled in by any of the enabled modules, but we need it in any case
  for apache2.conf. Closes: #669876
* Don't ship the changelogs in the apache2-mpm-itk transitional package.

[ Arno Töll ]
* Add mode lines to various configuration files and scripts. Reformat
  configuration files for consitency.
* Fix "Fix typographic errors in configuration file comments": Thanks to Oxan
  van Leeuwen for providing a patch (Closes: #669269)
* Formulate several clarifications in PACKAGING, start versioning this document
  and add normative read hints. Moreover, document the -m switch for a2enmod.
* Merge spelling and grammar fixes provided by Justin B Rye. Much appreciated!
* Change various state and run directories used by Apache from
  /var/run/<basename> to /var/run/apache2/<basename>. This might change again
  for Wheezy+1 to adopt /run.
* Use more exit status codes for a2query which allows to tell apart why a
  module was disabled, also make its output more readable.
* Changes in apache2-maintscript-helper:
  + Finally apache2_invoke may behave correctly and catch all cases
    including upgrades from Squeeze.
  + apache2_invoke: accepts a third argument to override the rc.d-action now
  + support APACHE2_MAINTSCRIPT_DEBUG: When defined in the environment or in
    /etc/apache2/envvars, debug output is displayed.
* Implement a -r switch for dh_apache2 which allows to force a reload of the
  web server if required.

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