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1 Development 2010-09-14 16:44:37 UTC
16. Revision: 0.5 Date: 14th September 2...

Author: Charalampos Emmanouilidis
Revision Date: 2010-09-14 16:44:37 UTC

Revision: 0.5
Date: 14th September 2010
Author(s): Charalampos Emmanouilidis


- try to fix the broken monodevelop project structure
  (desktop file and svg icon where not properly deployed)
  - re-added couturier.desktop file and changes deploy settings
  - re-added couturier.svg file and changes deploy settings

- downloaded and added translation files from launchpad, new translations are
  - Brazilian Portuguese
  - Czech
  - Galician
  - Hebrew
  - Malay
  - Polish
  - Russian
  - Spanish
  - Turkish
  - Ukrainian

Known issues:
  What's not working yet:
  - Translation Package is not deployed through generated source-tarball

  - commandline args are ignored. This should be changed, to allow nautilus to
    start couturier and pass pdf and/or image files.

  - allow multiple selection (MS) of documents which are in the "to-be-combined-list".
    MS whould allow to delete more than just one document from the list.

  - delete button does not work for selected items

  - changes gnome-open calls to xdg-open (for KDE/XFCE users)

  - Loading/Importing of encrypted pdf documents are not possible.

  - Warn if the output file (the combined one) has the same name is one of the files
    in the "to-be-combined-list".

lp:~c-emmanouilidis/couturier/couturier-0.4.tar.gz 1 Development 2009-11-18 06:57:13 UTC This branch has not been mirrored yet.
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