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lp:~congress-drivers/congress/congress (Linked to a blueprint) 1 Development 2016-04-11 02:39:52 UTC
963. Merge "Merge tag '3.0.0'"

Author: Jenkins
Revision Date: 2016-04-11 02:39:52 UTC

Merge "Merge tag '3.0.0'"

lp:congress/kilo 1 Development 2015-04-15 18:49:36 UTC
550. Add parser/lexer These files are gen...

Author: Tim Hinrichs
Revision Date: 2015-04-15 18:49:36 UTC

Add parser/lexer

These files are generated from congress/datalog/Congress.g,
but (i) they change rarely and so no one remembers to run
make and (ii) they require Java to generate. So it's
better for end-users and most developers to check the files in
and just have the people changing the grammar remember to
check in the generated files.

Closes-bug: 1387209
Change-Id: Ia315fc28570edfaa7d8b223c46f514fb7e34921e

lp:~sarob/congress/trunk 1 Development 2014-06-16 22:57:46 UTC This branch has not been imported yet.
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