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Name Status Last Modified Last Commit
Series: trunk
1 Development 2015-09-24 10:32:47 UTC 2015-09-24
279. fixes to ParameteredGroupObject

Author: Gerald Mwangi
Revision Date: 2015-09-24 10:32:47 UTC

fixes to ParameteredGroupObject

Series: stable
2 Mature 2013-06-24 14:19:24 UTC 2013-06-24
272. added unit test for checking dll vers...

Author: Stephan Meister
Revision Date: 2013-06-24 14:19:24 UTC

added unit test for checking dll version information

lp:~charon-developers/charon-core/dailydeb 2 Mature 2013-11-24 21:52:14 UTC 2013-11-24
27. force rebuild

Author: Jens-Malte Gottfried
Revision Date: 2013-11-24 21:52:14 UTC

force rebuild

lp:~charon-developers/charon-core/supernodes (Linked to a blueprint) 0 Experimental 2013-06-14 16:21:15 UTC 2013-06-14
269. reworked WindowsPluginLoader to show ...

Author: Jens-Malte Gottfried
Revision Date: 2013-06-14 16:21:15 UTC

reworked WindowsPluginLoader to show used path first

* and then the debug/error messages below
* this is needed for correct parsing of the update run output
* additionally moved skipped module names to the end of output (debug only)

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